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Profile: K-12 School Teacher

I'm not convinced of the value of games and simulations. Help me understand the benefits.
I am already sold on games and simulations. Why should I choose GoVenture?
Profile: K-12 School Teacher
Profile: K-12 School Teacher

7 Reasons

  1. Suitable for all ages and levels

  2. Online, CD, and Network versions

  3. Automated student evaluation

  4. Minimal setup and management

  5. Flexible licensing options

  6. Very affordable

  7. Many simulations available


Use GoVenture as an enhancement to what you are already doing, or as a core element. It’s flexible to fit your specific needs.


The makers of GoVenture have been innovation leaders in education


  • Purchased by thousands of schools.

  • Customers in every US state, Canadian province, and many countries around the world.

  • Used by over 1 million people of all ages and learning levels.


The best value in the industry. Sophisticated products with pricing options that any school can afford.

6 Benefits

  1. Realistic 

  2. Engaged classes

  3. Higher test scores (view research)

  4. Increased enrollments

  5. Curriculum-matched resource

  6. Experiences that match the other exciting digital activities students engage in every day.

Case Studdies

Read success stories from educators around the

Case Studies


A simple explanation of why games and simulations provide powerful learning opportunities

Your Students

  • Nearly 100% play video games one hour each day.

  • Up to 75% have a parent that plays video games.

  • They want learning experiences that parallel the exciting and engaging digital formats they use every day.

  • Their test scores improved from 60's and 70's to 90's when business simulation was used as part of the curriculum.



what it is and what it means for you

9 Ways

virtual experience beats real-world experience

Mathew Geoghio
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Compare GoVenture 50+

Be a Teaching Superhero!

Be a Teaching Superhero!

Energize your students by making learning fun and engaging.

Gain the appreciation of parents by better preparing their children for success in the real world.

Win the support of school administrators by creating a positive buzz in your school.

It's possible with the award-winning GoVenture educational games and simulations.

Your challenge?

GoVenture solves your challenges:

  • Engage learners

  • Experiential learning

  • Increase enrollments

  • Higher test scores

  • Reduce dropouts

  • At risk & special needs

  • Gifted

  • After-school activity

  • Business competition

Principals and Administrators

Here is why principals and administrators adopt GoVenture district-wide

Education and a desire to learn are key ingredients for success — both in school and life

A student’s desire comes from interest. Interest comes from understanding. Understanding comes with experience. Students are far more likely to participate in class discussion and ask insightful questions when they understand not only the how, but also the why. Lectures and textbooks become instantly transformed into valued sources of information when supported with real-world experience.

Many subjects are difficult to learn

Teaching subjects such as business, entrepreneurship, marketing, personal finance, investment, and life skills requires much more than conveying facts: it requires imparting an understanding of how to manage complex inter-relationships, decision-making with incomplete knowledge, and risk — all in real time.

Experience is the best teacher

The more experience your students have, the more likely they are to succeed. Unfortunately, gaining experience in the real world is too costly and time-consuming, and conventional teaching methods, like textbooks, courses, and seminars, fall short because they do not provide life-like experience.

GoVenture provides years of experience, in minutes

GoVenture educational games and simulations are built upon the foundation of experiential learning - an approach that cognitive experts consider the fastest and most effective way for people to learn. GoVenture programs immerse you in highly visual and interactive environments in such rewarding ways that you feel both intellectually and emotionally engaged in the experience - as if you were living it. Similar to how pilots are trained using flight simulators, GoVenture enables you to learn by doing in realistic, yet risk-free environments.

Suitable for all instructional approaches and levels

GoVenture has been designed to be suitable for a variety of instructional approaches and levels. Whether the need is to create a completely new curriculum or to enhance an existing one, GoVenture offers a successful and valuable experience for instructors and learners, in youth and adult education.

Cross-curriculum benefits

GoVenture programs are versatile. Unlike most other educational resources, GoVenture can be used in a variety of courses and initiatives, including business, marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting, personal finance, investing, career, family and consumer sciences, economics, math, and more! The growing GoVenture product line offers a variety of exciting educational experiences.

Popular with students and teachers

There are many stories to tell: students arriving early to class and leaving late just to use GoVenture; teachers encouraged by a change in attitude with students at risk; students engaged in their learning and eager to ask insightful questions spurred by the real-world experience that GoVenture provides. GoVenture speaks to students at all levels — whether book-smart, street-smart, or somewhere in between. And it’s perfect for teachers as well — it includes everything needed for easy integration into any course or curriculum. GoVenture provides an encouraging foundation for educators who may be new to teaching their subject, and a perfect curriculum enhancement for veteran educators.

Easy to use

GoVenture is easy to use. Instructors are provided everything needed for easy integration in the classroom, including full customer support after the sale.

Minimum risk

No one likes the idea of trying something new that may not work. GoVenture has been used in schools, colleges, universities, homes, career centers, and businesses for several years, throughout North America and in many countries around the world. GoVenture is built on a robust technology foundation that is highly flexible for use in any computer environment. GoVenture has won numerous international awards and is represented by the top education and technology companies in the world.


A variety of affordable pricing options are available to suit all school budgets. GoVenture programs are heavily discounted for educational users and cost less than many textbooks. And, GoVenture is an investment that can be leveraged across several different subject areas.  Many free resources are also available.

Use these charts to choose your product


Aha! moments

As an educator, don't you wish these special moments happened more often?

  • Students arriving early for class because they are eager to get started, and staying late because they don’t want the experience to end.

  • Students discussing their courses outside of the classroom like they do their computer games.

  • GoVenture helps you nurture these rewarding special moments so they become the norm, not the exception.

  • Students problem-solving together to complete classroom assignments and related tasks.

  • Students inspired to ask insightful questions.

  • Students who apply what they’re learning in class to their daily lives.

  • Students whose faces tell you they understand and appreciate what you’re passing on to them.

Use these charts to choose your product
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