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GoVenture Food Truck Business Simulator Game/Mobile Truck Simulation/Tutorial Video


Welcome to the GoVenture Food Truck tutorial video GoVenture Food Truck is a fun educational simulation that introduces you to the experience of running your own business and optionally practice accounting. It's the perfect first step to learn the basics of business and entrepreneurship!

Let's watch how it's played! Click the play button and then we'll read a little bit about what the game is about and then we'll continue and a special note is that anything that is in the simulation that is colored orange is clickable. For example if you have a number selector

like this one here you can click the plus and minus buttons to adjust the number or you can click and drag the slider. If you have a drop down or there's a selection of items to choose from you can click on the down arrow or any part of the drop down and then click the item that you want to choose. And then we have text boxes where you can type click inside the text box and then type any text that you want and you can use the handle to drag up and down or click the up and down arrows and of course buttons are orange as well as you

see here with the ok button.

So let's go ahead and continue so with GoVenture Food Truck you have the choice of starting a food truck business or a mobile cart business and you can choose to do all the startup

decisions yourself as you see here we have six startup decisions your profile, products, business name, and logo. Seed financing, business plan, and accounting. These are all setup decisions that you can make or you can choose what we call a quick start.

Let's click on that here in the phone. A quick start is a pre-existing business that already has the setup decisions made and what you can do here is you can see the individual quick starts that are available. So we have Quick Start number one which an ice-cream business if you don't like that one you can choose the next one or the one after that. So there's about five or six different QuickStart scenarios included and if you want to choose a quick start just choose the one that you want to start and then enter your name and you can proceed with that quickstart.

But we're going to go back to the startup decision screen and actually make our own startup decisions instead of using a QuickStart. Another important thing to note is if we've already been playing the simulation and we want to resume the simulation that we've been playing. We can use the resume business button. Now the resume business button is usually primarily used if you have the locally installed version of GoVenture Food Truck. In other words if the program is installed on your local hard drive or a school network drive or

organization drive then you would use the resume business to choose your save

file and continue from where you left off. And the last time you saved if you're using the online version of GoVenture Food Truck you normally do not have to choose the resume button because the simulation will automatically save and automatically resume on its own. So as soon as you log in and play it will continue from where you last left off.

And then there's also help button which gives you access to a built in user guide as well and you can adjust the sound level using this button here or quit the simulation completely.

So let's get back to setting up our business so we'll choose our profile and we can enter our name. Let's go ahead and enter my name Mathew so that's my name and that's important because if my instructor is assessing my performance having my name attached will make it possible for them to know who I am. We can add a photo here so we have a photo of ourselves we can click the

choose button and then it'll bring up a window where we can find the file in our computer and then choose that file and it will appear here. The third option we have here is to do our personal objectives so if you're starting a business there may be some personal reasons why you want to start a business and you can use this as a nice guide to document what those reasons are.

So my personal profile is and then you can type whatever you want to type in

here and you can enter your financial goal you know what kind of stress levels. Are you gonna work really hard or you can try to take it easy how much time just expect to spend on your business. So again it's just outlining what are your personal goals what are you trying to

achieve personally from starting your own business. And this is again is optional it doesn't really affect the simulation but this is something that an instructor might want students to complete.

So we'll click OK here then we have to choose our products so there are six types of products that we can sell so we can have a food truck and you actually you can see them here in

this drop-down or I can use this these buttons to cycle through them. So let's

use this so our first option is an ice-cream food truck and you can see

there's an icon of a food truck and then the products photo. Here we can do popcorn and snacks hotdogs and those first three were all food trucks now you'll see in this case we have clothing. Clothing is a mobile cart so instead of a full food truck it's a mobile cart and so we have clothing we have jewelry and we have small electronics.

Now just a note it doesn't really matter which type of product you choose and whether it has a food truck or a mobile cart the simulation will play the same there are some differences of course for example with a small electronics the price of the products tend to be a little bit higher and you may not sell as much as compared to maybe ice cream or hot dogs, where you know ice cream or hot dog may be a few dollars and you expect to sell a lot of them whereas some small electronics would be quite a bit more expensive than that and you just wouldn't sell as much so it's higher price lower volume with some products and others are lower price higher volume but in terms of whether it's a food truck or a mobile cart it doesn't make a lot of difference.

Let's go ahead and choose popcorn and snacks and so the next we have our business name and logo so here we can enter the name of a business so it's the let's consider some type of name that fits what with what we're selling so we'll go poppy poppy corn. That's what we're gonna name our business and then we can choose a logo so there's a number of logos to choose from and I can cycle through them by clicking the buttons here or I can add my own so if I've designed my own logo. Again I can bring up a window choose the graphic file which could be a jpg, a PNG, a gif file, and then add that to their game.

Then we have our advisor so our advisor It will appear in our smartphone here that you see here are virtual smart phone and we can call our advisor for advice along the way and we can choose different advisors. They're generally going to give you the same advice but you can just choose someone that you're most comfortable with click ok. So we're halfway there now the next we have to do our seed financing. So seed financing is the money that you need to start your business and the money that you need to operate your business that's all together it's called your seed financing. And on the left hand side here we can see that we have a thousand dollars in personal savings that we're going to use but we need nine thousand dollars in addition to the one thousand in order to start and operate our business and so the total seed financing that we need is ten thousand dollars. Now this this this and this number comes from our startup costs and our working capital so if we look at a start-up cost it shows us how much our truck or cart is going to cost and equipment permits assign insurance so the total startup costs are five thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars in this case working capital is the amount of money and run of cash that we want to have after we've paid for our startup cost. It's an amount of cash that we want to have available to us so that we can use it to buy inventory or hire and pay our employees do some marketing and advertising and so on so we need we need more money than just the initial startup cost we need that working capital as well so the total is ten thousand dollars now.

Take note that the truck or cart only costs $3,000 and of course in the real world a truck it's going to cost a lot more than $3,000 a cart you could get away with 3000 but a cart/truck is going to cost a lot more and this is purposely kept low in order to make the game a little bit faster a little bit more engaging because if the numbers were too high might take too long to become profitable and in make the experience interesting for participants. So the numbers kept pretty low and again it doesn't matter whether you choose a truck or cart your startup costs are going to be the same so the decision we need to make here is how we're going to get this seed financing and we have two choices. We have debt or equity so debt is basically borrowing the money from a bank or an investor or friends and family so that is debt and we would repay that debt with 10% interest. The other option is equity. Equity is when you sell a percentage of ownership in your business and in the case of this example here $9,000 equity we would sell 20% of our business and once some of the owns a part of your business you're obligated to share a percentage of those profits of you know that come from your business so you don't really pay it back monthly like you would a regular loan instead you pay it through the sharing of profits. Now there's some other complexities there but in this simulation it's it's kept pretty basic in terms of profits so I'm gonna choose debt financing and again if I'm not

sure of any of these decisions there's always the Help button that's available here on the smartphone that can give us some more information about the decisions we have to make.

So let's click OK next is our business plan so we have a simple one-page business plan here so this is a basic structure of a business plan the executive summary which summarizes the entire business plan. We have the opportunity that we're pursuing the market the products and services that we're gonna sell a bit about our company a nurse and ourselves as the

entrepreneurs and the financial projections of what kind of money do we expect the business could cost how much, money to expect the business to make and so on. So this allows us to type a one-page a very simple business plan so basically we just click on here and we would type you know there is a good opportunity to sell popcorn and snacks in my city and then I can complete the rest of the business plan. Again this is optional but this may be required by an instructor for you to complete this and again if you need help with the business plan click on the Help button and you can find out more and you can also prin if you just want to print the business plan itself. And we go the print option is also available in the personal profile as well. So now our final decision is accounting so your food truck has a really unique feature that allows for manual accounting. So we have automatic accounting or manual accounting so the first time you play the program you're probably going to want to use automatic accounting.

So that basically means all the accounting financial transactions are handled automatically by the simulation makes the game a little bit more fun makes it go faster as well if you're learning accounting specifically. Things like debits and credits you will want to set it a manual accounting and with manual accounting what happens is every time you incur a financial transaction an accounting window will bring one up here for you. See an accounting window will pop up and you are required to make

your double entry accounting so for example you would choose the account to debit and the account to credit and sometimes it could be more than than two accounts.

Now if you haven't studied accounting this may not make a lot of sense but if you're studying accounting you'll understand how to make these transactions when you buy inventory when you hire employees when you purchase marketing services and advertising services again you'll be posed with this accounting window and you have to post the transaction immediately. You will not be able to continue the simulation until you post the correct transaction. Now if you're stuck on what to do you'll see that there are hit buttons and a show answer button so a hint button will just give you a hint it won't actually give full answer and then a show answer will actually give you the answer.

Now what's important to know it is every time you use the hint or the show answer buttons

it will be recorded in your performance report so if you are being graded on your work with the simulation you'll probably want to minimize use of the hint and show answer buttons. You don't want to use them very much if at all because it could affect your grade but the reason they're there is because you cannot continue the simulation unless you make the correct entries and so you know we want to make sure that you can continue to play the simulation if you're stuck on any particular post.

Now again this is completely optional it only happens if you set the simulation to manual accounting so most cases again if you're just playing this for basic business information based business experience as opposed to accounting you'll choose the automatic accounting option the other option is the financials so financials would refer to the in this case the balance sheet and the income statement approach sometimes called the profit and loss statement so in go venture food-truck you can hide these financials so with automatic accounting and also manual accounting the simulation is automatically building a number of financial reports including balance sheets income statements cash flow it's automatically being done by the simulation and you can view those reports however if you're using the simulation to learn accounting your instructor may require you to build your own financial statements such as balance sheet and income statement or profit and loss statement and in that case the instructor may may guide you to hide the financials so that you can actually build them yourself using a spreadsheet or some other method that your instructor may choose.

and so that's the option of hiding financials so again normally you're going to have the financials on with show and the accounting on automatic so let's click OK alright so now we've we've got our startup ready to go and you'll see now that have made all six decisions a new button has appeared here that says launch startup. so let's click on launch startup. there we go so our startup is now launched and you'll see here that there's a tutorial. And the tutorial we can click the next button to continue through the tutorial and it'll show us the various screens but and I'd recommend that you do that but in this case I'm here to show you this so I'm just gonna quit out of the tour for the moment.

So now what we're looking at is the main interface of the simulation so we still have our virtual smart phone here but along the bottom is how we navigate this simulation so you'll see there's there's buttons for market scheduled products employees advertising reports and open for business and then settings to do list performance and help so let's review all these buttons. so the to-do list is a helpful action list that you can review that explains to you what you should be doing every day of the simulation and it explains all the key decisions that you're seeing at the bottom here because each one of these buttons allows us to make a decision to both the business like our employees or products and the to-do list will explain

those decisions in some detail.

let's go ahead and we can leave that open as we play the simulation but let's hide it for now. again the Help button that brings up the user guide is available here and then we'll visit these other two buttons a little bit later. So the premise of the simulation is as I'm running a food truck in this case and I'm selling popcorn and snacks and in every day of this of this simulation I have to make the five decisions that are numbered one through five at the bottom of the screen. one two three four five. I actually don't have to make them in that order but it

does help to make them in that particular order once I've made the five decisions for the day. so normally the simulations is starting at the early in the morning on the current day and I would make those five decisions in the morning for that particular day and then I'm going to open for business using this green button here.

Before I do that let's take a look at our smartphone so the simulation runs in days virtual business days so you can see in the case of the simulation right now it says it's Monday again this is a virtual date. Not the real day Monday day 1 year 1 the name of my business is poppy corn. You may remember that we set that at the beginning and it's a food truck selling popcorn and snacks and I have $4,000 in cash.

So remember our seed financing we had money that needed to be used to purchase our truck and our signage and our insurance and so on that's all subtracted from our seed money and this is the working capital that we have available we'll see our sales for today which we haven't started our day yet so there's no sales as of yet. we have our market share so if we were in an area with a competitor then we may end up splitting the customers and we can see how much what share of the market of what share of the customers that I won versus my competitors. I can I'll be able to see customer satisfaction which means how happy customers are with my products and my pricing and my service. Right now this is empty because I have not yet started my business so I haven't had one day in business yet stress stress keeps track of how much time we're working and how much time we're spending on personal life, personal activities so if we're working too much you'll see our stress meter will start to go up.

Now there's no direct consequence of stress it's not going to cause you anything negative in

this simulation directly but you may be assessed on work/life balance and and moderate stress by your instructor so you'll want to make sure to understand

how you're being assessed or graded with

the simulation you may recall and

startup we also had to select our

advisor and we selected this person here

and at any time we can call our advisor

by clicking the call button and she'll

give us advice on the particular screen

that we're on right now so right now

we're on the market screen so if I call

my advisor now she'll give us

information about the market if I was on

the employee screen she would give us

information about hiring employees and

we can switch our advisor just by

clicking the button now here finally we

have these these grayed out icons that

are a little bit hard to see right now

these are achievements that you can earn

so I can click on any one of these and

it'll bring up the chief

window and so I can earn up to five

different achievements based on things

like sales or location or inventory and

so on so just for fun I may want to try

to earn all of these achievements while

I run my business now of course the

ultimate goal of running my business is

to make sales sell products and sell

them at a profit so I can generate as

much profit as possible in my business

that is the ultimate objective now of

course while I'm doing that I'll also

want to keep my customers happy and so

on and and those are kind of secondary

objectives so right now we're on the

market screen and we can choose where we

want to locate our truck for the day so

there's actually five different

locations in the city so you can see the

blue truck is us and these are computer

competitors so they're not human

competitors or computer competitors that

we we we fight for business from them so

we can go to right now we're in the

factory I can move my truck to the

business district now right now the

Green competitor is in the business

district so if I choose to come here I

will actually compete for customers with

the green truck so I might not want to

do that maybe I want to go to the

shopping district instead or the park or

the arena and again arena I can see that

the red truck is there so I'd be

competing with with the red truck or

back to the factory which is where I

started now every time I'm gonna move my

truck for the day there's gonna be a

cost associated with that now just by

moving and in the morning here just by

playing around there's no cost there but

if I decide to move from one location to

a different location that I was at the

previous day then there'll be a charge

associated with that a cost associate

with it now before I make my decision

what I should do is I should look at the

news I should understand the weather and

if there is anything interesting

happening in the city today so I'm gonna

click on View which will give me a

little bit more detail than what I see

here with this news newspaper so first

let's look at the weather so I can see

the weather is going to be cold and

cloudy today that's the forecast

keep in mind the weather forecast isn't

always accurate we never we never know

for sure if the you know what the

weather is going to be but the forecast

is usually accurate but not always and

the next day it's going to be cold and

snowy so since it's going to be cold and

cloudy that's probably not a great day

for the park so I'm not gonna go I'm not

gonna go to the park now I can see

there's a headline here there is a new

business tenant in the business district

and they're gonna have a ribbon-cutting

so that it might actually attract some

extra traffic to the city of the

business district so that's kind of

interesting for me to consider I can

also review the traffic patterns of the

different areas so for example in a

factory district most of the traffic is

between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. because that's

what people are showing up and doing

their work in the factory district and

then they're going home and there's peak

traffic times for example in the morning

where people are arriving in the

afternoon or maybe they have a break for

lunch and then at the end of the day

when they're heading home so you'll see

the traffic patterns are very different

the arena for example is where there

might be a sporting event or some other

type of entertainment event at the arena

and usually those events last for a few

hours so there's often a very heavy dose

of traffic before and after and

sometimes during those events so you

might get a lot more traffic in a

shorter period of time than you might in

other parts of the city and then I can

read more about each of the locations by

clicking the buttons down here so oh and

by the way I can also review my

competitor information and see what

their average price are of their

products so if I start seeing that you

know my my customers may be commenting

about our price being too high or too

low I can see how I compare with my

competitors but keep in mind there's

also quality and appearance so your

customers aren't just commenting on the

price of the product they're also

commenting on the quality of the product

and the appearance of your food truck or

your mobile card all right so let's go

back so let's I'm going to choose to

stay in the factory district today

because I don't want to go head-to-head

with the other competitors at the moment

by the way the competitors come

can move as well so we may think they're

gonna stay where they are and usually

they do but sometimes they will move by

surprise then I'm going to set my work

schedule so remember in the news we were

reading that the primary traffic times

for the factory are a a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

so that's what I'm gonna work in fact

I'm gonna stay an extra hour that's 10

hour day so it's a pretty long day but

that's not unusual for an entrepreneur

if so I can add hours by clicking the

button to add hours to my day or I can

move the hours over so using these

buttons here you can kind of control

exactly the times that you want to work

you can also choose to take the day off

so if you find that your stress levels

going up what you want to do is reduce

your hours so instead of working eight

or ten hours you might want to work

three four or five for the day or you

could take the entire day off now of

course when you take the day off you're

not working so you're not making any

money so that's something you have to

consider because you will not be able to

earn as much profit if you're not

spending time working so you have to

figure out what that proper balance is

now here we are on the product screen

this is where we price our products

and/or our inventory so on the left hand

side here in this box is our three

products that we're selling so we have

popcorn nuts and beverages and these are

the prices that I've set for my products

and I can adjust the prices by clicking

the plus button to increase them or the

minus button to decrease the prices for

and again this is at the beginning of

the day this is the morning of the

current day so these are the prices that

will apply once we open for business

today and I'll be able to change them

every every day that I want and over

here is our inventory box now here we

can see that we have no inventory so we

have no beverages no oil for making the

popcorn no popcorn itself no no popcorn

boxes and the popping corn and so with

no inventory I can't actually sell

anything so I want to make sure I buy

inventory so let's go ahead and purchase

some inventory so I can choose different

quantities to purchase and the higher

the quantity I purchase the

less expensive the per item of that item

is so it makes sense to order more but

at the same time it ties up my money

because I remember I only have a certain

amount of cash available to me and if I

have items for too long sometimes items

will expire and so I can kind of roll

over the little help button here let

explain the expiration process here so

let's let's go ahead and order 120 well

let's just do 60 drinks for now we'll do

the middle choices for everything just

for simplicity to get started so now

I've selected what I want to order

notice there's a twenty dollar shipping

cost associated with that so the total

cost is going to be 180 $8 so let's

click buy so I have to click buy in

order for this these products to be

purchased so let's do that there we go

so we've clicked purchase and now you

can see that we actually have a quantity

of products and the products will expire

after a certain period of time so again

we order too much they might end up

expiring now sometimes if I try to order

too much yeah it won't fit in my truck

or my mobile cart and so in that

instance I actually have to rent a

trailer and you can see here there's a

little trailer visible and I could click

the button here which will rent the

trailer for the day which will cost me

$25 well in my case I'd actually don't I

didn't order so much inventory so it

actually fits in my truck I actually do

not need a trailer I'll know if I need a

trailer because when I go to buy my

products it'll actually pop up with a

warning telling me that it cannot make

the purchase because I don't have enough

storage capacity in that case I would

turn on the trailer and then try to buy

again and the purchase will go through

the last decision I need to make here is

the quality of my products and the

appearance of my food truck so if I want

very good quality products I'll pay a

little extra for that so let's pay $3

$30 for very good quality products and

that hopefully will keep my customers

happier and then I can purchase or pay

for cleaning and

maintenance of my food truck to make

sure it looks clean and looks

professional and so that people will

feel good about buying from my food

truck so let's invest 30 dollars in the

appearance of our truck as well so now

we've completed all the decisions for

our products now let's move on to

employees step four so we have three

employees to choose from they'll always

be the same employees and it's Jack Moe

and Sophia and if you read about each of

the employees you'll notice that Jack

doesn't have much experience at all and

Moe has a moderate amount experience and

Sophia has a lot of experience and in

selling and so on and their their cost

their salaries are similar to their

experience so jack has no experience so

he's also the least expensive it costs

you $10 an hour to hire Jack to work for

you and Moe costs 15 and Sophia costs 20

Sophia is twice as expensive as Jack but

with Sophia's experience she can

probably be more productive maybe serve

more customers maybe more reliable and

showing up for work

and so on so these are decisions you're

gonna have to make now you can choose to

hire one two or all three employees you

don't have to hire any employees if you

don't want to so it depends on how busy

you think you're going to be if you

think you're gonna be very busy you'll

want to hire maybe all three employees

if not maybe just one so I'm just gonna

hire Jack for four today just so we can

see what happens when we get started

next we have to do our advertising now

again advertising is optional so you do

not have to purchase advertising but if

you do presumably it will increase the

awareness of your business with

customers and hopefully more people will

come to your business so you can do

radio ads newspaper or hire an

entertainer to busk in front of your

your your your truck or your cart to

attract attention and so you can not

only turn somebody on so I'm going to

hire an entertainer let's say and again

you can charge all three of these on or

just one of them or none of them I'm

gonna hire an entertainer and I can also

click the options here so in the case my

options here are

the hired entertainer for one hour for

$50 or five hours for $110 and so on so

the more hours the less expensive on an

hourly basis it is so I'm gonna choose

three hours for today and the other

options are similar or you can pay more

for more advertising in the choice they

make so we've done it we've made our

five decisions we've selected our market

mm we're gonna be in the factory today

we've reviewed the news and so on to

help us with that

we've set our work schedule by using the

buttons to identify the hours that we

want to work and in this green area

we've set the price of our products and

by the way you know setting prices for

products really should understand how

much they cost as well and you know we

can see costs here but we'll be able to

look at some reports as well to help us

with the costing we've hired one

employee today Jack where you could have

hired more but we've decided to stay

with Jack for today we've hired a bit of

advertising with an entertainer for

three hours and now we're ready to open

for business and we could go to reports

by the way at any time but let's go

ahead and open for business now once I

open for business

that's remember we've made all decisions

at the beginning of the day of the

morning now the day is going to happen

once I open for business I cannot change

my decisions for the day I can all I can

do is sit back and watch what happens

and then wait to the end of the day and

the start of the next day at which point

I can change some decisions but during

today which is again is Monday day one

once I click this button I will not be

able to make any changes so let's do

that all right so we can see a clock

we're gonna open soon oh look Jack's

gonna be late so that's not gonna be

great because we're gonna lose some

customers perhaps so traffic has been

building in the city based on the based

on the time of day and you can see

customers are coming the ones that are

in color as opposed to gray are actually

purchasing from my truck and you can see

what they're purchasing here what

they're commenting on how many I've sold

in the blue area what the price of my

products is underneath now look this is

red beverages has turned red because I

actually ran out of beverages I didn't

order enough and

customers were continuing to order that

and unable I was unable to serve

beverages to them which could hurt a

number of a number of things with our

business but at the end of the day we

this little window pops up and shows us

that we've served 193 customers so

that's pretty good number of customers

to serve for the day our sales revenue

this is how much money customers gave us

for the products that they purchased is

five hundred and seventy one dollars the

cost of goods was a hundred and fifty

two dollars now cost of goods that is

the cost of the products that the

customer purchased so remember the

popcorn costs as oil it costs us a box

for the popcorn the popcorn itself so

those items are considered the cost of

those goods now cost of goods doesn't

include all of my costs it's only the

costs of the physical item that the that

the customers have purchased the other

costs are things like my employee

salaries my advertising my insurance and

so on those costs are going to be

reflected in other reports so this is

just a summary report that shows me my

gross profit so gross profit is sales

revenue minus cost of goods so my gross

profit is $418 stay now you might think

does that mean I made $418 State not

really because remember those other

costs like my employee cause and

advertising costs are not reflected in

this window that once we subtract all of

our costs that would be our net profit

and that would determine if we actually

really made money today or not and we'll

be able to look at that as soon as I

click on the ok button so let's go ahead

and do that so now what happened is

we're now in the reports area it

automatically takes us to reports area

and it shows us our daily summary so the

daily summary for day one year one which

was the day today that were just

finished and it shows me now all of my

costs not just my sales revenue and my

cost of goods and my gross profit but

also my other expenses and you can see

all the other expenses add up quite a

bit in fact in total $265 worth when

up all these individual ones here so my

contribution to profit which is

essentially your net profit is a hundred

and fifty three dollars so the gross

profit minus the total selling expenses

gave us a hundred fifty three dollars in

net profit which actually means we did

make money we made one hundred fifty

three dollars so that's not bad for our

first day now you'll notice here it has

the word loss in brackets so if we had

lost money in other words if our total

selling expenses was more than our gross


this number would be negative we'd

actually have lost money and that that

negative number would be shown in

brackets brackets are used in accounting

to show negative numbers sometimes

you'll use a little minus sign that we

all are familiar with from math but in

accounting they're usually use a bracket

so that's why you see here if you see a

positive no brackets it's a positive

number of profit if you see brackets

it'll be a loss so the cash at the end

of the day so basically means how much

cash did I start today with remember

that cash was in our smartphone how much

cash did I start the day with and then

add this amount of profit and that gives

us the cash at the end of the day this

was negative we could actually subtract

that so cash at the end of days four

thousand dollars so again that was a

pretty good day and we can see this

reflected in our smartphone so it

updates the cash automatically in fact

while this while the day was running and

we're making sales you might have

noticed that these numbers were actually

updating in real time and our sales are

back to zero because now we're we're now

on day two and you can see the

smartphone actually says day two so we

have no sales for day two

but our sales total from all the

previous days which in our case is just

one day it's five hundred and seventy

one dollars now you'll notice the

customer satisfaction is now visible so

this little icon shows that our

customers are very happy in fact as I

roll over it here you can see it says

eighty-nine percent that's our customer

satisfaction level that's a really good

level for our first day now what we can

do is on the reports area we can access

all sorts of other reports so we can

look at reports like balance sheets and

income statements or sometimes called a


statements so these give us more insight

into our business and remember when we

were choosing our accounting setting we

could have actually hidden our balance

sheet and income statement that's these

two reports but there's a whole bunch of

other reports as well let's look at this

one this one's interesting its customer

comments customer comment is really

interesting because it helps us

understand what our customers are

thinking so you'll see here from this is

day one year one lots of cost each by

the way each one of these is a comment

from one customer and not all customers

were comment only a small percentage of

customers will actually comment so

you'll see a lots of COTS of customers

are saying good price and a few are

actually saying too expensive so that's


in fact that's mostly what they're

saying is good price and too expensive

so that tells us a few things number one

if somebody thinks our price is really


maybe our price is too low maybe we

should consider increasing it not too

high but enough that we're making more

money because if we increase our price

we can make more profit now in some

cases they're saying too expensive now

in the real world there's always going

to be some customers that think your

prices really good and some that are

gonna think it's expensive but it could

also mean that maybe one of our products

is to expense because we're selling

three products and this doesn't tell us

which product the customers purchased so

we have to kind of try to figure out a

little bit as maybe that maybe it's

maybe that one or two of our products

are priced really well but a third may

be a bit too high so we have to

experiment with this information to try

to find the best balance here another

report we'll look at very briefly is a

general journal and general ledger

so again if you're studying accounting

these reports will be very important to

you if you're not studying accounting

you probably want to understand what

these reports are and that's okay too

but the general journal in general

ledger give you more detail about all

the financial transactions that are

happening in your business so if your

instructor has your simulation set to

hide your balance sheet and income

statement and what and they want you to

build your own you might well you'll

need to refer to the general ledger and

general journal to actually do that

activity but there's many other reports

like market share reports sales by

product so you can see which products

sold them

and so on so now the concept is you've

finished day one you're now at the

beginning of day two as you can see in

your phone here and you would repeat the

process all over again the weather is

different the news is different the

competitors may have moved in fact I can

see that the green food truck has moved

to the to the shopping district when

they were in the business district

before and I can adjust all my decisions

all five of them again just my prices

check out my inventory so look here I'm

out of beverages remember we ran out and

that hurt our sales we could have made

more sales if we had enough beverages so

got to make sure we reorder the

inventory that we're low on I may want

to hire some employees and a jack was

late on day one so that probably

impacted our sales a little bit so you

know maybe I'm not rely on Jack as much

or maybe I should because you know he's

he's inexpensive and and maybe I can

accept the fact that you might come late

a few times but again those are

decisions that I have to make as I run

my business and I would repeat this

forum as many virtual business days as I

want to play or as my instructor directs

me to do as I enter an achievement so

remember these achievements that you see

in my smartphone here as I heard them

they'll they'll change they'll actually

change color and they'll they'll light

up and so you'll be able to see that

you've actually earned the achievements

and how many times that you've earned

them that shows them you're below now in

this in the in the online version of go

venture food-truck

every day that you complete is

automatically saved online in the cloud

you don't have to do anything and if you

want to quit now and come back and play

later it will automatically resume your

progress from exactly where you left off

but if you're not using the online

version if you're using the locally

installed version meaning the version

that's installed on your local hard

drive or your school network then you

actually have to save your progress

before you quit you don't want to quit

before saving your progress because

you'll actually lose your progress so

you'll click on the Settings button and

you'll click save business when you

click save business it'll bring up a

window and ask you to name the file that

you want to save your progress to it


allow you to choose a location so if you

have a space on the local network where

you want to share your save file you

would choose that location if you have a

USB Drive for example you could save

your save file to your USB Drive so you

would name your save file we'd recommend

naming it something like go vent your

food truck and buy you know the current

date whatever that current date is that

way if you have more than one save file

you won't confuse them you'll know which

one is your latest save file because

when you want to resume remember you

have to run go venture and you may

remember from the initial setup screen

there was a resume button you have run

go venture click that resume button and

then choose your save file and that's

very important to note that you have to

run go venture and choose the resume

button you can't just double click your

save file and expect go venture to open

and run it won't work that way you

actually have to run go venture first

then click the resume button and choose

your save file so you'll want to save

often and always save under the current

date again to help you organize your

save file

so again if you're using the online

version you don't have to do this it's

automatically safe for you but this is

if you're using the local version and

then finally we have our performance

button so the performance button will

shows any performance report and you

have a summary report and a detailed

report of our progress and how we're

doing so this is an additional report

beyond the other reports that we were

looking at earlier and usually this

report is used by your instructor to

assess your performance and protect it

potentially is used by instructors to

assess your performance and potentially

assign you a grade and you also see a

profit rating here as well based on you

know how you're doing in terms of profit

but you have to actually run it for 14

virtual business days before you'll see

a proper rating so the performance

report if you're using the online

version of go venture food-truck is

automatically made available to

instructor you don't have to do anything

but if you're using the offline version

again the local installed version that's

on your local computer or school network

then you'll have to actually either

print this report on paper and give it

to your instructor or you could save it

to a file

and then submit that electronic file to

your instructor so you'll have to ask

your instructor for directions on what

what the instructor prefers you to do

whether it's on paper or electronic

format but this is a manual process if

you're using the locally installed

version you have to print and submit

your performance report to your

instructor with the online version you

don't have to do that it's all done

automatically for you but you can just

come here to see what your instructor is

seeing about your business so that is go

venture food-truck and we hope that this

tutorial has explained the simulation

well and that you have fun playing


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