Teaching Business Strategy with GoVenture Strategy Simulations

GoVenture Strategy simulations are perfect for allowing students to directly experience business strategy.

GoVenture engages students in a personal way by having them run their own businesses while making strategic management decisions. This approach is much more effective than basic exercises and case studies that have students read about third-party businesses.

GoVenture Strategy simulations require students to review consumer profiles, identify and target specific consumer groups, then make strategic business decisions for various business functions.

A cohesive strategy requires students to align investments in production, research and development, marketing, human resources, ethics, and more.  Market research and financial reports enable students to determine their competitive positioning and make evidence-based decisions.

We offer the 3 most realistic, customizable, and authentic business simulations in the world.
GoVenture Entrepreneur


most realistic

Start with a lemonade stand, level up to a kiosk, food truck, and full business then build a regional franchise from the ground up. Enhanced with microlearning videos and quizzes. Ideal for players of all ages and levels.

The most realistic small business startup and operations simulation in the world.

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GoVenture CEO



most customizable

Management-level strategy simulation ideal for marketing, finance, accounting, MBA, and corporate training. Individual, team, and head-to-head competition options.

The most customizable and versatile business simulation in the world.

Demo Video 2 mins

Tutorial Video

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GoVenture World


most authentic

Build a global business empire by collaborating and competing with other virtual entrepreneurs around the world.

The most authentic business simulation in the world for gaining real-world business and employment skills.

Video for Educators

Gameplay Video

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