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GoVenture offers an unmatched learning experience.  See below for 50+ reasons why GoVenture is unique and ready for you to adopt today (click an item for more detail).

GoVenture is the original business and money simulation series.  Over a decade of experience designing and refining award-winning educational games and simulations provides you with the most comprehensive series in the industry.  While other companies attempt to repeat our success by superficially copying individual GoVenture products and concepts, we focus on continuing to be the innovation leader, providing you a complete product line for all ages and education levels, a multitude of free resources, and the dedicated support needed for successful integration in all types of learning environments.

To demonstrate our confidence in our products, we make everything freely available to you on this website.  Fully-working product trials, video demos, instructor and learner resources, and everything you need to evaluate GoVenture.  No over-the-top marketing language, no hard sales, and no requirement to contact a sales person just to request a free trial or pricing. People all over the world have trusted GoVenture and we look forward to earning your trust too.

Read below to find out more.

  • Unique Learning Experience
    Visual Highly visual. Students with lower literacy levels can fully participate. Experiential Applies learning-by-doing methodology. ​ Interactive Constant decision-making and focus are required. There is no "auto-pilot" or opportunity for students to disengage. ​ Real-Time Feedback Decisions and indecisions have consequences. ​ Personalized Unlike case studies, the GoVenture experience is highly personalized. Students take ownership of the experience. ​ Risk-Free Trial and error allows students to experiment and learn from mistakes and successes. ​ Engaging and Fun Use of realistic scenarios and gaming techniques provides for a fun and engaging learning experience. Matches the other exciting digital activities students engage in every day. ​ Motivating Students are far more likely to participate in class discussion and ask insightful questions when they understand not only the how, but also the why. ​ Individual and Collaborative Simulations can be played individually or students can be teamed together. ​ Optional Competition Instructors can choose to host student competitions or have students play without competition. ​Smart Expertly designed artificial intelligence generates results based on learner decisions and other realistically modeled events. ​ Repeat Play Simulations provide different results every time, thereby continually revealing new learning opportunities. ​ Focused Design Designed specifically for learning. No superficial "eye candy" or time-wasting activities that do not add value to the learning experience. ​ Structured A structured learning experience that also provides an optional launching point for free-form research and learning. ​ Predictable Although simulation results will vary, the activity is designed to be predictable and reliable to facilitate group progress and evaluation. ​ Self-Directed or Facilitated Can be used as a self-directed activity, or lightly or heavily facilitated. ​ Flexible Scheduling Simulations can be saved and resumed at any time. Learners and instructors can fit GoVenture into any schedule. ​ Location Flexible Can be used in class, in lab, or at home. ​ Short-term and Long-term Use A few hours to hundreds of hours of use can be garnered. ​ Behavior-Changing Students can become "addicted" to playing and learning (in a good way).
  • Performance Evaluation
    Reports and Scores Student Performance Evaluation Reports are built into the simulation and updated automatically. Some simulations also include auto-scoring. ​ Metrics GoVenture provides numerous metrics that can be used in goal setting and evaluation. ​ Behavior-Changing Test Bank questions and answers included in Adobe PDF format.
  • Supplemental Learning Resources
    Learning the software Demonstration videos and User Guides provided. ​ Instructor Guide Provided in Adobe PDF format. ​ Learning Guides and Activities Provided in Adobe PDF format. Can be used without the software to prepare students for specific decisions.
  • Technology
    Flexible Technology Demonstration videos and User Guides provided. ​ Minimum System Requirements Works on new and old computers. Windows and Macintosh versions available. Mobile apps too. ​ Proven Robust and successfully used for many years on thousands of computers, systems, and networks.
  • Affordability
    Very Affordable Deep discounts for accredited educational institutions, as well as nonprofits. Less than the price of a textbook, and without the wear and tear. ​ Budget-Friendly Perpetual-use licenses available with no yearly fees. ​ Licensing Various licensing options available from single seats to site licenses. ​
  • Curriculum
    Curriculum Matched Mapped to many Education Standards. Broad coverage of outcomes. ​ Saves Time Facilitates the achievement of many learning outcomes simultaneously in a single activity. ​ Subject Flexible Can be used in multiple courses and subject areas. ​ All Ages and Grades GoVenture simulations are available for all ages and grade levels from elementary to adult education. ​ Gifted Learners Provides gifted learners with the additional intellectual and problem-solving challenges they seek. ​ At-Risk Learners Provides at-risk learners an alternative learning experience that transcends the common barriers of conventional learning methods. ​ Special Education Provides special education learners a unique learning experience that can help target and reinforce specific learning needs. ​ Life Skills Facilitates problem solving, organization, literacy, and other hard-to-teach soft skills. ​ Continuous or Capstone Use Can be used continuously throughout a course, or as a culminating capstone activity. ​ Replacement or Supplement Can be used to supplement or enhance an existing course or curriculum, or as a complete replacement. GoVenture provides an encouraging foundation for educators who may be new to teaching their subjects, and a perfect curriculum enhancement for veteran educators. ​ Consistency The GoVenture product line is designed to offer a graduated path from basic to advanced experiences, using a common user interface. Students and Instructors can easily move up from one product to another, and laterally to products covering different subject areas. By standardizing on a single product or product family, curriculum outcomes and teaching methods become more consistent across affiliated schools. Consistency leads to improved quality, fewer problems, and greater efficiency with curriculum delivery, while at the same time increasing student performance in local and standardized tests. ​ High Value Multiple departments can pool funds to purchase and share GoVenture.
  • Other Benefits
    Student Enrollment Can be used to help increase attention and enrollment in specific courses. ​ Reduce Dropout Rates Can help reduce dropout rates by providing an innovative way to keep students engaged. ​ Increase Test Scores Can help improve conventional test scores. ​ Before- and After-School Activity Can be used as a before-school and after-school activity. ​ Student Appreciation Receive top marks from students for allowing them to learn in a fun and interesting way. ​ Customer Support Toll-free telephone (US/Canada) and email support. Includes both technical and instructional support. Nearly 100% of all customer requests are handled on the same or next business day by the people who actually developed the products. ​ Parent Appreciation Gain the appreciation of parents by better preparing their children for success in the real world. ​ Administrator Appreciation Win the support of school administrators by creating a positive buzz in your school. ​ External Exposure GoVenture is on the leading edge of education and offers the type of activity that generates student excitement. They will often talk about the 'cool program' they are using at school with friends and parents. Studies show that parents want their children to learn more real-world business and life skills at school. And businesspeople seek to sponsor programs that bring such concepts to the classroom. ​ Award-Winning GoVenture has won numerous international awards and is represented by the top education and technology companies in the world. ​ Reliable Backed by MediaSpark Inc, an award-winning software development and publishing company in business since 1994, and focused exclusively on building innovative educational products.
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