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GoVenture Products

GoVenture offers the most innovative experiential learning for business, money, health, and STEM education.



The most realistic, customizable, and authentic business simulations in the world!

Accounting, Marketing, Finance
Hospitality, HR, Internships, and more!

Our three business simulations listed above are ideal for all of these subjects and more.

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Digital Marketing Simulation

A realistic simulation and video-based training experience for learning the fundamentals of digital marketing and the strategy of how to build an effective digital marketing funnel.

Leader Cover Space.jpg

Leader Business Simulation Game

An experiential learning activity that builds leadership, strategy, and collaboration skills — similar to a live case study. Customized to match any activity, company, or business function. Play individually or in teams.


Project Management Simulation

A realistic simulation and video-based training experience for learning and practicing the fundamentals of project management.


Board Games for Business & Accounting

See below

bXP Course Cover Masterclass.jpg


Our most premium training experience for business, management, and leadership. businessXP combines all of our GoVenture simulations and resources into a single training program that is online and self-directed with live coaching.

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Entrepreneur Business Game & Curriculum

The most realistic small business startup and operations simulation in the world. Start with a lemonade stand, level up to a kiosk, food truck, and full business then build a regional franchise from the ground up.  Ideal for players of all ages and levels. Integrated microlearning modules and skill assessment.

CEO Interface 800px.jpg

CEO Business Simulation Game

The most customizable and versatile business simulation in the world. Management-level strategy simulation ideal for marketing, finance, accounting, MBA, and corporate training. Individual, team, and head-to-head competition options. Fully Accessible ADA 508 compliant.


World Global Business Simulation Game

The most authentic business simulation in the world for gaining real-world business and employment skills. Build a global business empire by collaborating and competing with other virtual entrepreneurs around the world.

Personal Finance, Life & Employment Skills

PFCG New Small 2024-03-29_22-02-20.png

Personal Finance Card Game

Activities include question and answer, drawing, charades, trivia, word puzzles, and more. Just open the box and play!

Life & Money

Life & Money Simulation Game & Curriculum

Personal financial literacy and investing. Plan and directly experience 20 years of your financial future in this highly realistic life and money simulation. Includes a modular and comprehensive collection of resources for personal financial literacy and investing. Fully Accessible ADA 508 compliant.

Personal Financial Literacy Bundle

Personal Financial Literacy Bundle

A bundle of resources to help you teach the basics of personal financial literacy to youth and adults. This is a subset of the Life & Money program above (excludes the simulation) for schools that do not want online subscriptions.


Job Interview Simulation

Practice the job interview process, including researching the job, getting dressed, transportation, and answering questions. 20 entry-level jobs to play.


Typing Game & Curriculum

An epic quest where survival and success depend on your keyboarding skills! A fun game that teaches you how to type or type faster, and a complete curriculum resource for school courses.


Health Printed Book

Health Printed Book

288 health and wellness topics and 1,000 images presented in beautiful photobook style. Softcover, 475 pages.


Health eBook Game-Based Curriculum

288 health and wellness topics presented in beautiful photobook style with an interactive body designer, 800 mini games, and integrated quizzes that reinforce student learning. For ages 10 to adult.

Board Games for Business & Accounting



Food Truck Board Game

Experience business as a food truck entrepreneur! Choose your food truck, hire employees, prepare products, and travel to different neighborhoods in the city to outsell your competitors. Includes optional accounting activities. For ages 8 to adult.

Entrepreneur Board Game

Entrepreneur Board Game

A unique board game designed specifically for gaining business ownership skills in a fun, educational context. Includes optional accounting activities. For ages 12 to adult.

GoVenture Card Game

Entrepreneur Card Game

Business-themed game that moves fast with fun strategy. Also includes a fantasy sci-fi monster theme. For ages 8 to adult.

PFCG New Small 2024-03-29_22-02-20.png

Personal Finance Card Game

Activities include question and answer, drawing, charades, trivia, word puzzles, and more. Just open the box and play!

Custom Sims

Custom Sims

Tailored, customized, and completely new games
and simulations can be created to fit your training and marketing objectives!


We offer many free resources like the ones below and many more.
Education IdeaBook

Education IdeaBook

The Education IdeaBook is a full-color, 70-page collection of fascinating facts, discussion-starters, and teaching tips to bring learning to life. Yours free!

GoTeacher Newsletter

GoTeacher Newsletter

Free weekly email where we share expert ideas on how teachers and trainers can transform learning with educational games and simulations. Start your week with 1 item that informs, inspires, or entertains. 

Budding Entrepreneur Book

Budding Entrepreneur Book

A storybook to help children discover entrepreneurship.  Available as a printed book and free on Apple iBooks.

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Help Choosing the Best GoVenture Program

Choosing the Best GoVenture Program(s)

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Previous Products

As technology evolves, GoVenture products are upgraded and replaced. Our previous products are listed here for reference. Some of these products are still being sold by select resellers -- we continue to support these previous products (when possible) but we are not updating them.


All have been combined and replaced by GoVenture Entrepreneur in August 2020

Financial Literacy

Personal Finance

Stock Market


All four products have been combined and replaced by GoVenture Life & Money in 2019


Business SUITE

Discontinued for new subscriptions in December 2022

Point of Sale


No replacement


Watch this 15-minute interactive webinar presentation with our Founder & CEO to discover why GoVenture is so effective. 


"9 ways virtual experience beats real-world experience" by our Founder & CEO

For Teachers and Trainers —
Join our private group to share ideas, resources, and discussions on experiential learning, games, and simulations. 
Teaching Superhero

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Instructor Feedback

Student ratings in this course were the highest I have ever gotten.

GoVenture is extremely popular with students.

Video games in Academia can change lives!

My class LOVES GoVenture CEO. It's all they talk about!

Holy **** this thing is amazing.  Wow.  I'm sure you guys hear this all the time.

Students learned how to build financial statements and what leads to growth.

I LOVE this Digital Marketing module! I teach it and have struggled with just the issues you identify.

The business simulations have brought an awesome new perspective and element to my class.

While there are other games that deal with entrepreneurship, GoVenture is very rich and deep. 

I appreciate how the simulation is scaffolded so students can learn in a simple simulation and then increase the complexity by adding more functions

This is an amazing resource.  My students were engaged and learning.

GoVenture is an integral part of our curriculum.


I felt powerful and very productive after these assignments.  This exercise helped me stretch my thinking and decision-making.

I did not feel as much stress and gained more confidence in what I was doing. Being able to fail and learn from failures without having my ego judged was a huge confidence booster.

It is an amazing tool for business learning purposes, developing different skills to get bolder and think differently through the game and in real life.

I love that you can make different decisions and see what the outcome may be.

I feel that it is the perfect opportunity to take chances, test a theory, or just live on the edge, with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It was a fun experience and I would like to do it again in another class.

It is an amazing tool for business learning purposes, developing different skills to get bolder and think differently through the game and in real life.

I discovered that I have no business running a business, haha. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and research.

The GoVenture Simulation was a very unique experience, unlike anything I've done for school so far!

This was a really interesting, eye-opening experience and I'm very curious to see how the knowledge I've gained can be applied to my future career goals.

Gave me more appreciation for a lot of business owners who are working to keep themselves afloat right now.

My class that includes GoVenture is the one that I am most excited to attend.

I'm excited to see my progress in the simulation, and I'm not that engaged in any of my other classes.

I learned how to think as a CEO.

It wasn't like learning from a textbook. We actually got to implement what we were learning.  So that was really cool.

At first I didn't know anybody in my group and we didn't talk much to each other until the actual simulation had begun.  As we progressed, we opened up to each other and had fun strategizing.

I would totally go through and play it again and I'm not even in the class anymore.

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