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Tailored, customized, and completely new simulations can be created to fit your training and marketing objectives.

Custom Simulations


Existing GoVenture products can be cosmetically altered to better suit your specific business model or brand.


Existing GoVenture products can be reprogrammed to more closely align to your specific business model, training objectives, and brand.

New Simulations

Our modular GoVenture simulation engines can be used to quickly and inexpensively create entirely new simulations for your training and marketing objectives.

Meeting Your Simulation Needs

About Us

GoVenture is produced and published by MediaSpark® Inc - an award-winning software development, publishing, and consulting company.

MediaSpark has been an industry pioneer for 15 years, designing, producing, and commercializing innovative solutions under our own brands or those of our clients. Our work is global and we impact people in all walks of life.

Choose off-the shelf, tailored, or custom

MediaSpark has invested millions of dollars to develop a scalable and reusable simulation software engine to enable the rapid design of business-specific simulation products. Clients can choose off-the-shelf, tailored, or customized simulations - see table below.

What Can Be Simulated

Nearly any employee task, departmental procedure, organizational process, or business skill can be simulated. Best practices and behaviors of top-performing individuals and teams can be modeled and integrated within an organization's training programs. Simulation can provide front-line workers and senior management with the ability to explore and understand the critical success factors of a business — enabling everyone to share a mental model of the entire organization.

Sample Projects

We have worked with startups, nonprofits, government agencies, educational institutions, and multinational corporations.


Sample projects include:

  • ​Simulations to enhance employee training.

  • GoVenture simulations bundled with textbooks, online courses, and other educational resources to enhance the learning experience.

  • Cobranded GoVenture simulations to support entrepreneurship, business, personal finance, economics, and math education.

  • Cobranded GoVenture simulations to reach at-risk groups and individuals.

  • Custom-developed educational games to reach specific communities of interest.

  • Custom-branded content and social networks that help create meaningful relationships with customers, employees, member-groups, alumni, prospects, or other subject areas or people communities.

"Addictively interesting and useful!"

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