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Digital Marketing simulation

Simulation and video-based training experience for learning the fundamentals of digital marketing  


  • GoVenture Digital Marketing simulates an engaging narrative story that places you in the role of an inventor of a new product. 

  • Learn the basics of digital marketing while building and optimizing a marketing funnel to maximize sales and other metrics.

Unique Simulation

  • Step through the process of creating a holistic and cohesive strategy for a digital marketing campaign using a simulation that reveals results as you play.

  • This is a super-fast and highly-effective way to learn how to apply digital marketing concepts. 


  • This unique learning experience helps you discover how all the many concepts of digital marketing are brought together to achieve an overall marketing objective. 

Demo & Tutorial Video

Time Required

  • Simulation with videos and quizzes requires 5 hours to complete (on average). Can be played over multiple sessions on any schedule.

  • The entire experience can be played twice (or more) to reinforce concepts and improve performance (10 hours, average).

  • Optional videos, book, and glossary provide additional learning, if you choose.

What's Included

  • Simulation with videos and quizzes integrated directly into the experience.

  • 20 whiteboard-style videos of digital marketing fundamentals

  • Digital Marketing Superhero Book (PDF)

  • Glossary of 179 terms

  • Fully automated performance assessment

  • Global leaderboard to compare your performance to the best in the world (anonymous).

  • Everything is online and accessible from an Internet browser using any computer, Chromebook, or tablet.

Personal & Educational Use

  • This program is available for personal learning and for use by instructors and trainers to enhance an existing course or curriculum.

  • This program can replace some or all of your basic lectures and activities, or use it to add an experiential-learning activity to your curriculum.

  • You can be up and running in minutes and everything is fully automated, requiring minimal time investment.

  • The backstory — GoVenture founder and lead designer of this training program explains why we created this product and how we made it unique in this issue of our Simulation & Game Based Learning Newsletter



  • Assessment is fully automated and is scored based on quiz results from watching the videos and sales results from the simulation.  This assures that learners are graded on both participation and performance.


  • Below is a demonstration of how the training program looks and flows ...

Narrative Story

  • The simulation uses a narrative (story) style where you are in the role of an inventor who is about to market and sell a new product — a hoverboard.

  • Through this storytelling approach, you are guided by a virtual business coach, a content expert, and an advertising expert who help you build a digital marketing funnel— one module at a time.

Avatars Layered Screens.png


  • Using our microlearning methodology, each digital marketing module is introduced using a brief whiteboard-style video, followed by text-based review slides, followed by a multiple-choice quiz.

  • The quiz results are integrated into the simulated sales results, inspiring you to remain engaged throughout the experience.

DM Microlearning.png

Marketing Funnel

  • There are 19 modules and high-level concepts that follow the style above.

  • As each module is introduced, it appears on the digital marketing funnel, one at a time, until the funnel is fully built out — as shown here.

The funnel activates while sales are being made.​

Ditial Marketing Sim Funnel Flow 2022-07-04_11-39-08.gif

Marketing & Sales

  • As each module is added to the digital marketing funnel, weekly sales are generated of the new product, totaling over 52 simulated weeks (1 year of sales).

  • Each module is then optimized to improve marketing efficiency.

DM Salesjpg.jpg
DM Optimize.jpg

Business & Marketing Metrics

  • Monitor success with business and marketing metrics.

DM Footer.png
DMMetrics and Financials 2022-12-03_17-47-27.jpg

Performance Report

  • Maximize your score in the Performance Report and compare performance to the best in the world on the Global Leaderboard.

DM Performance Report Summary.jpg
DM EndGameTrophy.png

Topics Covered

Modules and high-level concepts explained using whiteboard-style videos:

  • Consumer Profiles

  • Brand

  • Content

  • Website

  • Shopping Online

  • Revenue & Profit

  • Metrics

  • Social Media Organic

  • Social Media Paid

  • Search Organic

  • Search Paid

  • Messaging

  • Events

  • Community

  • Landing Page

  • Order Options

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Optimization

Plus over 100 more topics

Design Note:  The learning focuses on introductory concepts and high-level marketing strategy. The training does not have you design ads or do tactics that are specific to any particular social media platform or other online app. There are many other content resources that can be used to serve that purpose. This GoVenture program is intended to bring all the concepts together in a way that conventional learning resources cannot do effectively.

DMS 3D Book Cover 20221208_edited.png

Digital Marketing Superhero Book

(PDF included)

Pricing & Buying

Education Version

For schools, universities, nonprofits, and businesses. Includes an instructor dashboard for managing and monitoring students.

Home Version

Courses for personal learning are at

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