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An experiential learning activity that builds leadership, strategy, and collaboration skills — similar to a live case study. Customized to match any activity, company, or business function. Play individually or in teams.
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Leader business game

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View screenshots and description of how the program works. Start here for your first introduction to GoVenture Leader for instructors and trainers.


  • Similar to a live case study.

  • Leadership and team-building activity.

  • Experiential, social, and gamified learning.

  • Customize to match any activity, business function, or company.

  • Play individually or in teams.

  • Play in one session or over multiple days or weeks.

  • Play live in person or asynchronously at a distance.

  • Requires light support by a facilitator.

Learning Objectives

  • Awareness that leadership requires making decisions with competing priorities ⁠— must use strategy and make compromises.

  • Learn and reinforce activities related to a specific type of business or job function.

  • Strategic and critical thinking.

  • Making decisions with incomplete information.

  • Making decisions with competing information.

  • Consequences of decisions made and not made.

  • Collaborative decision making and team building.

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