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GoVenture Sponsorship Program

Funding for you to purchase GoVenture is only minutes away!

We know that finding funding to purchase resources for your school can be challenging. That’s why we developed the GoVenture Sponsorship Program. The Sponsorship Program provides you with everything you need to seek funding from local businesses and government agencies. In a matter of minutes, you will have a professional, thorough, and compelling proposal to present for funding.

Your completed funding proposal will do more than simply ask for money. It will present a business case and win-win relationship for you and the sponsor. Your school will receive funding to purchase GoVenture, and the sponsor will receive brand profile with your students and the public. We make it possible and easy.

Use the GoVenture Sponsorship Program today!

Eligible for Perkins Funding (USA)

Eligible for Perkins Funding (USA)

Funding grants administered by each US state.

Find out more

Tell me more!

To get started, submit the brief request form below and we will email you a Microsoft Word document that includes everything you need:

  • Step-by-step guide on how to complete the provided forms and make a request for sponsorship.

  • Sponsorship Proposal, including cover letter, sponsor benefits, sponsorship agreement, and more.

  • News release that can be sent to local media to promote your program.

  • GoVenture Sponsorship Poster that can be posted in your class or school to promote your program and recognize the Sponsor.

  • GoVenture Student Participation Certificates

  • Everything is written for you in black-line master format – just fill in the blanks, print, and send!

More than just a request for money!

We make it easy for your sponsorship request to stand out from the crowd with:

  • Professionally written and formatted materials.

  • Sponsor benefits that make a business case to compel the sponsor to say YES to your request:

    • A win-win-win scenario for the sponsor, the school/students, and the community.

    • Sponsor recognition on poster posted in class/school.

    • News Release for media attention.

    • Sponsor name on Student Participation Certificates.

Completely Customizable

Because we provide you with an unlocked, fully editable Microsoft Word file, you can customize as much or as little as you like.

Get Started!

Put the GoVenture Sponsorship Program
to work for you today!

Submit the following contact form to request the document. We will send the document to you on the same or next business day.

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