Group Learning Events with GoVenture Business Simulations

Host unique and engaging live events with groups of any size, in person or online.

Events can be as short as 30 minutes or run several hours. Include a few participants or hundreds.

Any type of format is possible. Below are a few examples— contact us for more possibilities.

Participants Run Their Own Businesses or Simulations

  • Can be done individually or in teams with each person/team using their own device

  • Works with GoVenture Entrepreneur, CEO, Leader, Life & Money

Step-by-Step Example

  1. Facilitator determines schedule for participants to play GoVenture. This can be done live simultaneously within an hour or more, or asynchronously over several hours or days.

  2. Participants play GoVenture individually or in teams.

  3. Facilitator hosts debriefs and shares leaderboards at various intervals

Example case study of a 1-hour business simulation competition




Facilitator Runs One Business with Everyone Participating Together

  • Facilitator plays GoVenture on a big screen (if in person) or shared screen (if online)

  • Participants do not require any devices or resources

  • Works with GoVenture Entrepreneur and CEO

Step-by-Step Example

  1. Choose a GoVenture simulation that can work well in a group event (ask us for help choosing).

  2. Display GoVenture on a big screen for in-person participants or share your computer screen using webinar software for online participants (Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, etc).  Do both for events that have online and in-person participants.

  3. You act as the CEO of the business and the participants are your management team. You control the computer with the simulation.

  4. Navigate through the simulation reviewing business decisions together with your management team. Ask participants to give you advice. Facilitate a discussion by posing questions about their advice and asking other participants if they agree or disagree. Conduct the discussion like a real business meeting. For events with many participants, consider using an audience response system or online voting system to gather direction from participants in real time.

  5. As the CEO you make the final decisions and input decisions into the simulation. Allow the simulation to advance and produce results.

  6. Review the results with participants and ask for their feedback and advice. Continue the discussion until you are ready to make more decisions.  

  7. Repeat the above process for the remainder of your event. Consider giving the CEO role to another participant for a period of time, then rotate to a different participant. You keep control of the computer and the simulation.

  8. Consider occasionally pausing the simulation to take a deeper dive into specific topics of interest using other media (video, lecture, etc).

We can help you host a fun and highly effective event using GoVenture.

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