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Project Management simulation

Simulation and video-based training experience for learning and practicing project management


Learn about and practice project management in a realistic simulation.


Learning about and gaining skills in project management requires practice. With GoVenture Project Management, you can manage one or more projects in a highly-realistic simulation:

  • Review milestones

  • Conduct research 

  • Identify tasks and determine budgets, costs, duration, dependencies, and skills needed.

  • Assign tasks to various people and teams.

  • Build and manage a Gant Chart, Kanban Chart, Critical Path, and Risk Register.

  • Send status reports.

  • Monitor project progress over many simulated weeks.

  • Take actions to stay on time and on budget

Project Scenarios

  • Restaurant renovation and launch

  • Software app development

  • More scenarios coming soon


Demo & Tutorial Video






Video coming soon

Coming Soon - September 2023

Time Required

  • Simulation with videos and quizzes requires 5 hours to complete (on average). Can be played over multiple sessions on any schedule.

  • Play multiple project scenarios to reinforce concepts and improve performance (10 hours, average).

What's Included

  • Simulation with videos and quizzes integrated directly into the experience.

  • Several whiteboard-style videos of project management fundamentals

  • Glossary of terms

  • Fully automated performance assessment

  • Global leaderboard to compare your performance to the best in the world (anonymous).

  • Everything is online and accessible from an Internet browser using any computer, Chromebook, or tablet.

Personal & Educational Use

  • This program is available for personal learning and for use by instructors and trainers to enhance an existing course or curriculum.

  • This program can replace some or all of your basic lectures and activities, or use it to add an experiential-learning activity to your curriculum.

  • You can be up and running in minutes and everything is fully automated, requiring minimal time investment.

  • Save time — Teaching project management is challenging because when you have many students doing project management activities, you end up spending a lot of time reviewing and assessing practice projects and providing technical support (how to use Microsoft Project, Excel, etc).  The GoVenture Project Management simulation eliminates all of these challenges.



  • Assessment is fully automated and is scored based on quiz results from watching the videos and project results from the simulation.  This assures that learners are graded on both participation and performance.


Below is a demonstration of how the training program looks and flows ...

Narrative Story

  • The simulation uses a narrative (story) style where you are in the role of a project manager who is tasked with managing one or more projects.


  • Using our microlearning methodology, each project management concept is introduced using a brief whiteboard-style video, followed by text-based review slides, followed by a multiple-choice quiz.

  • The quiz results are integrated into the simulated sales results, inspiring you to remain engaged throughout the experience.


  • The simulation enables you to set up milestones, tasks, task assignments, manage budgets, critical path, and more.

Performance Report

  • Maximize your score in the Performance Report and compare performance to the best in the world on the Global Leaderboard.

DM Performance Report Summary.jpg
DM EndGameTrophy.png

Pricing & Buying

Education Version

For schools, universities, nonprofits, and businesses. Includes an instructor dashboard for managing and monitoring students.

Home Version

Courses for personal learning are at

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