GoVenture CEO — Getting Started for Instructors Who Have Chosen To Adopt This Business Simulator

hey there I'm Matthew Georgia I'm the founder and CEO of meaty spark and the chief experienced designer of go venture simulations this video is for instructors who have chosen to adopt go venture CEO first let me say thanks very much for doing so we appreciate your confidence in us and we won't let you down now go let your CEO is the most versatile business simulation in the world and because of its versatility has a lot of options and resources so this is a very important video to watch for how to get started so we've been designing simulations for over 20 years and we've have created a number of best practices that will assure a successful experience for both you as an instructor and your students as well so the first thing you want to start with is the instructor guide much of what I'm going to tell you in this video is accessible from the instructor guide and you can access the instructor guide by logging in to go venture CEO and you'll see it in the list of resources that are available to you now as an instructor you'll want to become familiar with go venture CEO and the best way to do that is to watch the video tutorials same video tutorials that we provide to students are also helpful for you as an instructor to get started we also have some additional videos more detailed videos particularly videos that describe the instructor dashboard that are available to you as well and so those are kind of secondary videos that you'll probably want to watch and of course you can request a personal webinar perhaps you've already had one with one of our go venture advisers but certainly don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you further now you may want to play a simulation yourself and there's directions in the instructor guide on how to best do that playing it yourself or you know maybe an hour or longer if you choose is a really great way to put yourself in the shoes of your students and see how they're going to see go venture CEO for the first time now once you're familiar with go venture the next step is to determine how you want to integrate the simulation into your curriculum now think about the many hours you want students to vote to devote to playing goal venture whether that's in class or homework or that combination and that's going to help you determine the duration of the simulations that you want to run and how you want to run again go venture so versatile you can run in a short period of time or over weeks and months that's really up to you and we recommend with your students once you're ready to determine the simulations that you run at least two simulations but the more you run the better it graded a fully graded simulation we recommend should last between six to twelve periods and the reason we recommend that is because gold venture CEO is very results driven very evidence driven and you want to give students enough results and in other words enough play periods so the experience enough results and can adjust their strategies based on what's happening in their market place and if you have a simulation that's too short they don't get enough of that data back and enough time to meaningfully meaningfully adjust their strategies and so on if you run a simulation too long the challenge is if a student is not doing as well from a performance perspective in the simulation you know they may become less engaged in the activity and so the opportunity to play multiple simulations allows them to reengage and take everything and they've learned in the previous simulation apply it going forward so we we recommend playing multiple simulations and again most we normally recommend between 6 & 6 to 12 periods you can play more or less and again it's versatile and flexible to allow you to do what's best for you we do recommend for sure that you run a practice simulation practice simulation allows student to experience you know the step-by-step process of using the simulation and kind of gets anything any uncertainty out of the way before they get into the fully graded simulation we do recommend that the practice simulation be graded as well but graded strictly on participation not performance that the way that way there's no stress or anxiety to do well in the simulation the whole focus is just to get them to go through the process so do assign a grade to this and again we have documents that will detail this and provide you more information how to do this all starting with the instructor guide when you're when it's time for you to choose which simulations you want to run with your students we have a number of quick starts which are pre-designed ready to go simulations you can launch the in a matter of minutes however we also offer you the service and there's no cost for the service to customize a simulation or create a new customized simulation that best matches your curriculum so you can you can start with a quick start and do some tailoring up to that quick start or we can start fresh and design a fully custom simulation we do recommend that that you do consult with us so we can make sure that you know all the settings look good you can actually customize the simulations yourself there's a simple point-and-click dashboard that allows you customize simulation and encourage you to have a look at that but if you're going to do a lot of customization hit us up and ask us to have a quick look at what you're creating just so we can offer our advice for you we have an onboarding document the best practice and it's accessible from the instructor guide we'd recommend that you look at that closely so we have a set of PowerPoint slides that are really great as the first step to introduce co-venture to your students it tells me the basics of what they need to know where they can get the program how they log in and so on we have the tutorial videos that's the next place they should start with getting to know the simulation playing a practice simulation as we've discussed and we also have a really great reference book it's about 160 pages it's a great reference book for the basics of business and there's also components in the book that tie directly to go venture CEO so if you're not already using a textbook you might find this a really great book to replace that but if you're already using a textbook it's a great reference for students now while you're running the simulation with students and now they're up and running they're playing you may want to do some periodic debriefs with students that can be a really great coaching opportunity and so you can do that in class if you have an online course you can do it and maybe a live session and we have a report called a debrief performance report that gives you all the data you need that you can show up on the big screen or on a shared screen if it's a webinar and an ask your students questions you know about their experience and through that questioning process and you're going to find it's going to be a really great reflection opportunity for your students and and they'll learn from each other and from that discussion and again the instructor guide has information about this if you have specific students who are asking you for help about their strategy their performance we have a really comprehensive coaching report that's accessible to both you and the students students connects that through their performance report written near the top there's a link to it and the coaching report will analyze every aspect of the business decisions that are being made and how they relate to what's happening in the simulation it's important to get good advice from the coaching report to actually read it carefully it's not a report that you just browse you want to read it carefully and so you can understand what the report is explaining and the assessments that are being done so that's a really great report so if you were an instructor you're not you know you don't have the time to follow what's happening in this simulation you can just click bring up the report of the coaching report and you'll be able to give really great advice to your students and again they can access it themselves now finally assessment so there's a variety of ways to assess students using simulation and we've found over our 20 years working with instructors around the world is that every instructor kind of has their own expectations and our own methods of assessing students and we've designed go venture CEO CEO to be as flexible as possible to fit whatever process you prefer we do have an assessment strategy document that actually describes the various assessment options for example you can assess based on the performance in the simulation you can assess based on participation in the simulation we have a really great competency quiz that you can assign we have a team evaluation which is a peer review if you're playing in teams and we also have some templated reports what we call experience reports we have a word document version and we also the PowerPoint version where students can actually complete a report and perhaps even present that report to you or in front of class so all these resources are available to you through the assessment strategy document again not successful from inside the instructor guide and then finally help if if you or your students need help you can contact us directly so let me sure i clarify students do not have to seek help technical help or you know how to use the software help from you they can contact us directly we're pleased to help them we don't necessarily you know want them inconvenience you you're busy enough as an instructor doing what you need to do so they can contact us directly there's a Help button right on the login screen of go venture and then click that button it sends a contact form to us and we will promptly respond to help requests and and let me clarify that we respond to all help requests and probably 99% of them we respond within 24 hours in most cases it's often just a few hours but we always respond to all help requests if for some reason you don't get a response from us it's usually because maybe an email got misdirected into spam or we've had trouble reaching out to you or your students so please please know that we we're really committed to responding quickly to all requests and so that's it that's that's our overview of go venture CEO and I appreciate you adopting the program we want to make sure you have a successful experience for you and your students