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GoVenture Health and Wellness Gamified Ebook Tutorial Video, Health Games

GoVenture Health is a gamified e-book that introduces fundamental health and wellness topics to learners of all ages.

The content is presented using a highly visual style and supported with achievements, rewards, and engaging interactivity!

The e-book is expertly designed to encourage reading and understanding.

Over 50 subjects are covered in hundreds of topic pages. Each subject includes a text description that is easy to read for both youth and adults, and is presented in beautiful photo-book style.

Each topic is further supported with interactive games and activities such as spelling and definition games, memory puzzles, action games, and much more.

GoVenture Health rewards you at every step of your learning journey by earning points and achievements. You are motivated to continue exploring! You can even experiment with building a body using the body designer.

GoVenture Health is modular and flexible and enables instructors to teach less while their students learn more. Progress can be saved and resumed at any time and performance reports are updated in real time for students and instructors. GoVenture Health aligns with national learning standards for health education.

Try it today!

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