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GoVenture Job Interview Simulation Tutorial Video/Job Interview Simulator

GoVenture Job Interview is a realistic interview training simulation. The program is designed for young people who are seeking their first jobs, or adults entering or re-entering the workforce.

GoVenture Job Interview begins with a telephone call from an employer offering an invitation to an interview. You prepare for the interview by researching the job and the employer and then choose the appropriate clothes to wear. You will be scored on your choices.

When planning your commute, review the distance to the job interview, along with the weather and decide on the best transportation method to arrive on time and be ready to make a good first impression.

At the job interview you’ll meet the interviewer and respond to 10 questions. For each question you choose your response from a short list of answers. Some answers are good, some are not good but only one is the best. Each choice you make is scored and you will see what the employer thinks of your answer allowing you to gain more insight to help you improve your performance.

At the end of the interview your total score will be calculated to determine if you won the job or not. The results are presented in a performance report. You also have the option to reflect on your experience.

Performance reports are available to instructors in real time.

Repeat the same interview to improve your score or choose another interview from a list of several entry-level jobs. GoVenture Job Interview is perfect for preparing youth and adults for an important experience. Try it today!


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