GoVenture Stock Market Simulation Game, Investing Simulator, Stock Market Simulator Training

welcome to the go venture stock market demonstration go into your stock market is a unique software program designed to help youth and adults learn about the stock market and a fun and educational manner let's have a look go venture stock market the stock market itself is actually simulated using 10 fictitious companies simulating the stock market and companies offer several benefits for both learners and instructors these include flexible scheduling where you can start and stop a simulation at any time and play an entire simulation within a matter of a few hours the simple interface and limited number of companies is designed to educate and not overwhelm learners with too many options too many stocks and too much research information and finally you can experience economic cycles which is not possible stock market games that are based on the real stock market and only run for a limited number of weeks we can choose to start a new stock market simulation or resume an existing simulation we previously saved let's start a new simulation provencher stock market allows us to play on a single computer with one or more trading accounts or we can also connect multiple computers together up to 16 to have individual players compete with one another

starting go venture stock market is simple we start by creating creating accounts under your name amount of starting cash and creating that account we can choose computer traders such as robo trader perhaps give the computer trader the same amount of money or market trader Robo trader makes random decisions while market trader follows markets and events time in go venture stock market advances one week increments we can advance manually by clicking a button or automatically where time will advance based on the setting that we choose let's choose manually and with sensible venture stock market uses a simulated environment you can actually play up to 10 virtual years which allows us to experience economic cycles which is not possible with stock market games that are based on the real stock market and that's it we're ready to start our simulation when we first start we're giving a quick overview of the interface in the upper right area is our account window in the lower right our adviser window where we get advice along the way we navigate using the four main areas of the simulation and we can make a trade using the buttons in the lower left and at the top we see the standard old stock ticker we start co-venture stock market in the company's area here we can read about each of the companies there are 10 companies each representing a different industry segment for example air rail is transportation bio tom is a biotech company can and make is financial services and so on and we can read details about each of those companies

we can view the stock market itself here we can see the 10 stocks in which we can choose we can also see a go venture market index which is a market index based on those ten stocks as traits happen they will appear here whether it's our trades or that of the computer traders in the left area we can see our event window as the stock market progresses we will see events that relate to the economy and to the company specifically there are three types of events general news events that will tell us about the economy or world news items there are press releases which are put out by the individual companies on the stock market and finally there are rumors which we can of choose to ignore or follow at our own risk of course

let's make a trade i'm going to buy

pre-owned 75 shares let's buy that there we purchased 75 shares of pre-owned we can also review the stocks area where we can review details of each of the socks our account where we can see all the trades that we've made and how well we've done with each trade and so now the objective of growing is your stock market is for us to make trades and advance the clock by clicking this button or I was mentioned previously we can advance automatically every time we advance a new event comes up more stocks are purchased and sold and so on and at any time to review our performance we can go to the performance area here we can see a detailed report on our performance including a final score which makes it very easy to compare performance and so on you