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5 Reasons Why GoVenture Educational Games and Simulations May Be Right For You

Hey, I’m Mathew Georghiou, the founder and CEO of MediaSpark, makers of GoVenture and I’m going to share with you 5 reasons why GoVenture may be right for you.

(1) GoVenture unlocks teaching and learning superpowers

Here I am in front of my original gaming and computer technology that I grew up with. From this foundation, I’ve been researching and designing game-based learning for over two decades.

And with the modern versions of these experiences, I can tell you with confidence … simply put, that our GoVenture programs offer a better way to learn and to teach.

Conventional learning methods cannot match the engagement, speed, efficiency, realism, and fun that GoVenture offers. And, everything that we do is designed with educators in mind so you’ll find it quick and easy to adopt GoVenture and achieve success, whether you teach in-class, online, or both.

(2) Proven Successful

For over 20 years, GoVenture has been one of the original and most widely used series of educational games and simulations. GoVenture has been adopted by thousands of educators and trainers who have reached millions of learners of all ages around the world.

(3) Imagination

GoVenture is much more than a series of software apps and resources. With GoVenture, we have re-imagined learning using our unique methodology that we describe as:

Experiential + Social + Gamified

By experiential, we mean learning by doing through games, simulations, and live role playing experiences.

By social, we mean people learning together, collaboratively, competitively, and in peer-to-peer, or mentoring relationships.

And by gamified, we mean the application of game mechanics to motivate learners, make the experience more fun, and accomplish what we describe as authentic assessment where we can deliver, measure, assess, and credential learners based on their actual demonstrated behavior.

We apply this learning methodology of experiential, social, and gamified learning to everything that we create — software games and simulations, ebooks, blended games, and tabletop games.

Our goal is to create meaningful learning experiences that trigger positive behavioural change.

(4) GoVenture represents the best of the best

There are many new innovations in education. Here’s why we know that GoVenture is with the best of the best.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years, conducting research and development to continually refine and perfect the value of GoVenture.

  • Thousands of educators trust GoVenture with their students.

  • Nonprofits and government agencies use GoVenture to reach vulnerable learners and populations.

  • Fortune 500 companies engage us to solve their most challenging business and training problems.

(5) Affordable Value with Expert Support

Despite GoVenture being the most innovative and feature-rich educational programs in the world, our pricing options are designed to be affordable for everyone.

Our social cause mission is to unlock everyone’s full potential in life.

We’re emotionally invested in your success and when you or your students ask a question, the answer will come directly from me and my team who created GoVenture. You are assured of a prompt and expert response.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why GoVenture may be right for you. Please reach out if you have questions. And thanks for listening.


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