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Review & Compare ClickFunnels vs Kajabi vs Wix vs Squarespace vs Thinkific vs Teachable vs Wordpress

hey i'm mathew giorghiou and i want to help you compare and decide if you're trying to decide between click funnels wix squarespace kajabi teachable thinkific it's all really confusing and i recently had to make this choice and i found it uh quite difficult because the reviews are finding you know they didn't seem to be quite impartial and they didn't really seem to clearly identify the differences between this platform so if you're like me and trying to decide hey do i need a do i need a sales funnel do i need a website do i need a course delivery do i need lead magnets and all this stuff can be very confusing and i've been in the tech business for for my entire life and running a tech company for many many years i've built these technologies and even myself i've been finding it confusing to compare apples to apples so i have figured out and you know without having to do a super in-depth hands-on with every product just trying to understand the differences between them and i thought you might find it helpful as well so i thought i'd share my findings with you so what you're looking at on screen here is click funnels and let me let me click through a few of them here so we have click funnels we have wix we have squarespace i have kajabi we've got thinkific teachable and we're going to talk a little bit about sales funnel so one of the reasons you may be thinking about click funnels for example and comparing it and trying to understand do i use click funnels do i use a website do i use think of ticker or kajabi and so on is you're trying to trying to generate leads in some way right and so what i have on screen here is the sales funnel let me move my image a little bit smaller so you can see it all right so here's how a sales funnel works and that's important to understand how sales funnel works because that'll lead us to understand the differences between these programs that i've just described so so generally we'll start with some what's called a lead magnet so lead magnet is something you're going to give away or offer at a very attractive price so give away for free or offer at a very very low price in order to attract leads right so lead is a potential customer of yours and so a magnet you know the magnet is magnetized it pulls uh things towards it so that's the the premise of the term lead magnet so you offer something to attract uh people and where are you're attracting them to well you may be attracted to a website but in most cases you're attracting more to what's called a landing page so a landing page is exactly a website but it's one page on a website that's really all it is so instead of going to the home page of a website which might have a whole bunch of different options to choose from a landing page just really has just the key information that you're trying to use to target to your prospects and you might have multiple landing pages for different types of personas or avatars or consumer profiles you know whatever term you want to use if you're trying to attract different people with different promotions and advertising you might have different landing pages and so landing page again all it is is simply a page on a website so a website right is a collection of web pages and the landing page is simply one page on that website that's very specific with it's very specific messaging content for the prospect you're trying to attract so that's what so you create a lead magnet you know so we're going to give something away or offer a great price you can create a landing page specific for that offer so that people don't get lost on your home page or anything like that they're going right to this landing page and then you may offer them what's called a trip wire so tripwire is a low priced offer so something that you're encouraging the prospect to pay for something right because there's a whole bunch of people you know on the internet who want stuff for free and will never pay for anything and then there's another person of people who will pay for value and so what a tripwire is intended to do is just separate out and filter out the people who will never pay with those who will pay now whether you should use a tripwire or not really depends on your business and what you're trying to accomplish for example you know you may say well i only want paying customers right why would i not want uh only paying customers well here's the thing a lot of times uh you from a marketing perspective the person you're marketing to who hears your message is referring you to someone else so even though they may never pay for what you have they're actually acting as a referral for you so in that instance you may actually want um to to give something for free to people and want people who may never buy from you to still be aware of your offer because then they could tell their friends and family and so on so that's the uh that's the purpose of a tripwire so then we have upsells and down cells so you know once you kind of use your lead magnet to get people to your landing page maybe you're offering them something with a tripwire or not and once they put something in their in their in their cart and they're starting to work their way to paying you might offer them an upsell which is a higher value uh offer and if they say no to that higher value offer then you can go do what's called a down sell which is okay well if you don't want the 200 offer we still have something for 50 so you're doing a down sell and and then after that you're doing what's called an order bump so an orb once if somebody has entered all of their credit card information for example before they actually click submit to process the order you pop up or on the same screen you'd have an offer which is a almost like an impulse buy um you know like the checkout at the grocery stores or some there's stuff you can you know inexpensive that you could buy very quickly and usually the order bump should be related to what the original lead magnet or the tripwire product was so you know if you're selling a book for example it might be some worksheets so it's it's something that is very related to what the person has already put in their cart and it's just a small little bump of price to increase your overall order value um russell brunson on his uh on on his uh videos for click funnels describes all this stuff in great detail so i would recommend you have a look at that so then finally we have a cross sell so once somebody submits and makes the uh makes the purchase you then want to introduce some additional products that may not be related to the purchase but which may offer you some value so it might be your products might be affiliate products so again you know a lot of times you know people who are buying may want to continue to buy and this gives you the opportunity to make additional sales with the cross-sell and then uh and then after that after they've you've completed the order and everything you have to deliver the product right so this is where we you know we started looking at the comparison of the other of the websites that i mentioned the services that i mentioned so you have to deliver the product is it a book an ebook is it printed book is it a course is it a video and that will influence which one of these other products you're going to choose and then eventually have follow-up right so you know when somebody purchases you want to potentially send them emails or even if they don't purchase right if you're using a lead magnet that's free you may do a series of emails which is called a drip a drip campaign drip drip campaign because you're you're slowly drip drip grip sending emails every few days or you know whatever your schedule you feel works best for you so you're sending emails to warm up your your your prospect again to get them to uh convert into a customer so that's the quick sales funnel tutorial hopefully that was helpful but it's important to uh into comparing and this is we're going to compare right we're going to compare click funnels wix squarespace kajabi thinkific and teachable and and this sales funnel understanding our own sales funnel you know you should do this first actually you know figure out your sales funnel for what you're going to do now think about what you're going to do in the future too because you know you may want to do more than what you're doing now and you want to choose a it's easier to choose the right product today rather than have to switch you know part way through where you already got emails and drip campaigns and everything already set up and going so all right so let's get to the comparison of the of these products so really i would describe them as three different products okay three three kind of categories of products so click funnels is all about gathering leads it's all about sales and marketing that's the total focus of click funnels is gathering leads generating leads and then converting them potentially to customers now you may say well all products should be about that and that's true they all have some components of that but clickfunnels is totally focused on those concepts so because clickfunnels has been totally focused on lead generation and conversions they are the their system is the best for that aspect of your business uh now the other uh products do have some of that as well um so it's again this is the nuance that i'll help explain which i found other reviews did not did not explain so let's keep going so sit so click funnels is all about generating leads and then taking them through the sales funnel and they got the best training videos and all this other stuff for related to helping you understand you know the whole this whole sales funnel uh process all right so let's move on to wix and squarespace so wix and square space were created for one primary purpose and that was to allow you to create websites easily right that's really what they were created for so click funnels created for creating sales funnels and converting people lead generation converting people wix and square squarespace were created as website builder so you want a website you can use those uh programs you may have heard of wordpress wordpress was the most popular open source website building program and it was great for a number of years but nowadays i i recommend people you know if you're just looking for a conventional website with a whole bunch of really fancy technology that your customized technology because you can do fancy stuff with with all sorts of stuff but i'm talking about if you have to do really customized stuff then i'd recommend you consider wix or squarespace or services like that before before wordpress but so wix very powerful website builder very very powerful so if you want to build a website wix is a great option click funnels is not a website builder click funnels is a sales sales funnel builder right so remember uh landing pages and these things they're all web pages and a website is a collection of web pages um so you can create great web pages with with uh click funnels and connect them all into a sales funnel but you're not really creating a website wix is great for that squarespace is good for that to build a website clickfunnels is not really going to do that for you wix and squarespace and there's a whole bunch of others like wix and squarespace like wordpress and others that that will do that for you and then the third category are kajabi and thinkific and teachable these are essentially web course uh systems and the work the term used in our educational industry is a learning management system an lms but they're kind of personalized lms's they're their core purpose is to help you build courses right build courses and you could build very detailed courses that have all sorts of content from videos and text and documents and very very significantly assessment right so if you're building a course a lot of times you have to assess your student on whether they're completing and learning what you want them to learn so you might have quizzes and multiple choice and all sorts of different assessment models that's where kajabi and teachable and thinkific really shine is allowing you to build any type of course you want and then be able to apply assessment to what you're doing they do have their limitations even on the course building side because i've used a couple of these myself and i also use moodle moodle is much more customizable than these three now these these three are are easier to use and there's a lot of benefits to using those over moodle but moodle if there's a whole bunch of extra customizations you need that's where moodle can really help in moodle's open source program to use so the comparison click funnels it's all about generating leads closing those leads wix and squarespace website builders and then kajabi thinkific and teachable are course building system learning management systems now they cross over okay they cross over so you might say well if i have a course and i want to do a sales funnel like can i do that in teachable and thinkific and so on and the answer is you can do some of it yes so you can create landing pages to promote your products you they have shopping carts or ecommerce where you can actually sell your products they have email so you can do email marketing in some ways so all these systems have all that stuff built in but what makes them different is your core purpose so if your core purpose is to sell a course a robust course i'm not i'm not talking about just a couple of videos or a document because you can do all that with click funnels too but if you want a really robust course with assessment with assessment that's the key assessment none of the other programs click funnels doesn't do assessment wix squarespace can't do assessment but kajabi and thinkific and teachable can do assessment so if you need assessment you're going to have to use a learning management system a course building system like those now you could use click funnels on your front end for lead generation and then when you're ready to deliver your course you could uh integrate that because a lot of these programs will integrate together you can integrate that um with uh with the course building system now of course the problem there is your price right your costs go up because now you're you're managing and using multiple systems so your price goes up your complexity goes up a little bit because now you're begin managing multiple systems and your customers and leads may be in different systems that's where it gets complicated so it's important for you know you know what you're trying to sell and how you're trying to sell it um wix by the way i'm not sure about squarespace in may but wix by the way has a whole membership area as well so you could sell memberships and you can sell content very much like clickfunnels does but let me go back to the sales funnel here and remind remember that you know we're taking someone from being a cold prospect to a lead maybe selling them something or getting them on email list and then using that to make a sale or follow up with them with a sale and then when you sell something remember you got to make it available right so if you're offering a video hey you know sign up here and you can access my video or my five videos you can actually do that all that in clickfunnels or download my pdf you can do all that in click funnels you could do in wix you could do it and think uh well maybe yeah you can do it in kajabi um that's right and and and you can do it in thinkific and and teachable so here's how i would kind of summarize this a little bit more so if you're just if you just want to deliver some videos or a document an ebook and you're totally focused on lead generation and sales click funnels is going to do a good job for you wix and squarespace will allow you to do that but the whole sales funnel process is not going to be as robust and here's one of the features i'm going to tell you that clickfunnels has that these other ones some of them have like hijabi has this and it's a b testing or split testing as it's called what that means is you know let's say you create a landing page right so you're promoting you're doing facebook ads and social media ads whatever and you're sending people to your landing page and you're saying hey you know here's a free ebook or a five dollar e-book or whatever it is and you know you don't always know if your headline is the right headline or the right image is the right image so you might actually have two versions of that or three versions or four versions and with different headlines different images and so on because each one will convert differently right so certain colors will do better and and the thing is nobody knows what we'll convert you know marketing experts can't always tell you what will convert you have to test you have to test so a b testing allows you to say test well let me test this landing page and then this landing page and you can do a whole bunch of different tests well click funnels makes it really easy to do a b testing you can do a b testing with the other systems too kajabi has that built in wix for example in squarespace don't necessarily have that built in you could create because their website builders you can create an unlimited number of web pages with those systems and you could each one could serve as an a b test of a landing page but it's not as automated the way click funnels does because you remember click funnels is totally focused on lead generation so clickfunnels is has it built in that you could do a b testing split testing not only on your landing page but on every page on your sales funnel that's the real differentiator with click funnels so if the sales funnel is super important to you and again it won't be super important to everybody because you don't necessarily need one as complex as what i'm showing here a lot of people don't need one this complex you might just need hey you know sign up and i'll give you this ebook it might just be a simple two pages so you may not need something as complex as what click funnels can do for you on the sales funnel side but if you want to do that split testing and do split testing on almost every single element of your sales funnel including like your order page and so on that's what click clickfunnels really shines and really differentiates itself from all the other uh programs that i've just uh i've just mentioned even though you can kind of do it with the other some of the other programs it's just not as built-in or or easy to do as it is with click bundles even things like order buffs um so in order bump as i mentioned that appears you know once you've entered all your credit card information before you click that submit button you get to give some of the opportunity to buy something else well you can't really do that with these other programs because they're not set up they have shopping carts you know where you can actually sell stuff e-commerce and sell stuff but this idea of oh let's do something let's do an order bump right away or swap out different products for the order bump you can't really do that with the other programs without kind of creating custom pages manually way too much work you'll never do it same with upsell and down sell most of these programs do not have those options like wix has their e-commerce and all this other stuff and but they don't necessarily have the upsell and the down sell opportunities they they have a little bit of that a little bit of that but again it's it's very limited whereas click funnels is much more unlimited with those uh with those types of things um the follow-up follow-up at the end email so click funnels so this is another differentiator emails right so you know normally once you sell something to someone or just have them as a prospect you want to do some type of email drip campaign or something to them and click funnels has an email program um i think it's called actionetics and now it's called the follow-up funnel but it actually but you but it's not really it's built in but it's not quite built in so you have to use what's called an smtp server which is a separate service you have to pay for a separate service so there's a couple of challenges here with clickfunnels one is you have to pay for a higher tier of service to even get access to the emails and it's a significant bump in price compared to like you know wix you know wix you can get wix for like 10 bucks a month you know click funnels 100 bucks a month 200 300 a month uh so there's a significant price uh difference between these products and that's you know you need to know what you're getting you don't get so so there is email built into click funnels but it's you have to pay for higher tier and then you also have to pay for an smtp server which is the sending mechanism you know you could do email with mailchimp for example and it's less expensive at the lower if you have a lower number of contacts it's less expensive as you get high number of contacts click funnels starts to become actually better priced because i don't think they cap you on the number of emails that you have which other programs do so you could do click funnels but use like mailchimp or some other uh email service to handle your emails or you could do it all in click funnels you pay a little bit more at the beginning um and you have to use a third-party smp server which has its benefits as well which i won't go into here but i want you to be aware of that now and the other programs you know like these uh kajabi and so on they do have email built in as well um some are more robust than others like i'm not sure if you can do drip campaigns with teachable authentic thinkific i'm guessing you probably can't by the way this interview is in 2021 so things might change at some point with kajabi i think it does have a little bit more robust and you can do drip campaigns with with kajabi but you can you can definitely do them with with click funnels again because click funnels is totally focused on lead generation uh the other thing that's beneficial is uh is tracking right so you know once you have somebody who signed up for a free offer or tripwire offer or upsell you want to be able to track those people and segment them because maybe you want to send them emails having all of your leads and your sales in the same system like click funnels does make sense and you'll probably get better data from that as opposed to having them multiple systems glued together and not necessarily communicating so you probably get better uh sales analytics i haven't looked into this super deeply but that's my sense that you'll get better sales on analytics from clickfunnels than you will uh some of these other programs and again price you know you got to consider price they're all priced very differently you know the the the course builders are generally priced around the same the website builders are generally priced the same clickfunnels is kind of its own animal its own thing so it has uh you know pricing that is much more expensive now people make a lot of money using click funnels and and if you make a lot of money then you know spending a couple hundred bucks a month is not a big deal it's uh you know you're making more money on that than then you have to worry about but if you're just starting out and money is really tight that's where you know you have to really consider uh price a little bit so uh let's uh let's summarize rat uh our sales funnel if this is your sales funnel uh click funnels does really well uh in setting all this up and managing this for you but if you then want to deliver a course click funnels is kind of limited click funnels can deliver videos allow you to download products but there's no assessment there's no it's not really a course building system so that's where you have to use another system uh like kajabi or teachable or thinkific and you can kind of again glue the multiple products together but you're going to be paying more and there's more work involved with gluing them all together if you want a website wix squarespace lots of people like wordpress but i'm not a big not a big fan i was a fan of wordpress for many many years but i think there's better options for non-technical uh non-technical people today and you can you can like wix for example is amazing features you can do anything you want in terms of building a website and e-commerce and they have marketing and they have membership built in but you're not going to get the slick sales funnel process with a wix or squarespace like you will with clickfunnels anyway i'm going to stop there if you uh have any questions happy to answer my name is matthew giorgio you can find me on linkedin you can go to my you can also just visit which actually just links you to my linkedin you can see how it's spelled there which links you directly to to my linkedin profile and happy to connect with you and happy selling


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