Student Privacy

GoVenture products are designed to reduce or eliminate concerns regarding student privacy.



  • These GoVenture products are installed directly to school computers or a school network. They do not require student or instructor accounts and do not require students or instructors to access the Internet to play.

  • GoVenture does not collect any information from the computer or network. Students save their progress to personal files on their local drives (similar to how a Microsoft Word or Excel file is saved locally).

GoVenture SUITE

Same as the above PERPETUAL LICENSE with the following two exceptions:

  • The GoVenture software launcher that is used by students and instructors to select and play a GoVenture program requires Internet access to validate the subscription when it is first installed/enabled. No personal, private, or network data is collected or transmitted.

  • The GoVenture software launcher may count the number of times each GoVenture program is played and this information may be submitted to an Internet server. The data is so small and infrequent, that it has negligible impact on the school's network and Internet. No personal, private, or network data is collected or transmitted. This feature is ONLY enabled if the school allows for this during the installation process (the school can easily opt out of this option).



There are two types of Subscriptions:

  • For K-12 SCHOOLS
    Students do NOT have to disclose personal information to play GoVenture. Student accounts are controlled by the instructor.  Students only need to enter a student ID and a password. The student ID is needed so that the instructor can identify student performance reports. For total privacy, instructors can choose to assign students a private alpha-numeric code (created by the teacher) instead of using real names or student numbers. At least one instructor account must be created to use GoVenture, and this normally includes name, address, email, username, and password.

    Students and instructors must create personal accounts to play GoVenture. This normally includes name, address, email, username, and password. Personal data and passwords are encrypted.