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GoVenture SUITE Renewal

GoVenture SUITE Renewal

It's time to renew your annual GoVenture SUITE Subscription!

The GoVenture SUITE Subscription has provided your school an amazing collection of resources over the past year. We hope your experience with using GoVenture has been successful and fun!

Ready to renew?

If YES, that's great!

Simply submit the Renewal Form below before your Subscription expires. We will then update your license information. That’s all there is to it ... and your school can continue enjoying all the benefits of GoVenture without interruption.

If NO, we are sorry to see you go.

Please submit the Cancellation Form below confirming that you have destroyed all GoVenture software and related materials that came with your Subscription. This form needs to be submitted no later than two weeks past your Subscription expiration date. Otherwise, your Subscription will be renewed automatically.

Not sure?

Let us know how we can help with any questions you may have. We want to make sure your experience is successful. Contact us!

Download the Renewal & Cancellation Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I find my Subscription Expiration Date?


Your subscription details appear on the GoVenture SUITE Launcher Menu. You may also contact us and we will tell you.

Q. Is there a penalty or refund if I cancel our Subscription?

There are no penalties as long as you submit a Cancellation Form no later than 2 weeks after your Expiration Date. There are no refunds for early cancellations

Q. Can I just let our Subscription expire and take no action?


No. You must complete and submit a Cancellation form (see link above).

Q. Will I receive new materials if I renew our Subscription?


Whenever new materials are available, we will notify you with directions on how to access them.

Q. Can I continue to use GoVenture if I do not renew our Subscription?


No. However, you may choose to purchase a different type of GoVenture license if the SUITE Subscription is not the best fit for your school. Click here to review pricing and licensing options

Still have questions? Please contact us.

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