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Bookstores and GoVenture

We work with many bookstores that purchase and resell GoVenture programs — specifically Online Subscriptions, normally with a 6-month duration.


  • The prices of our products are the same for bookstores as they are for students. We do not offer discounts. Bookstores may mark up the prices when reselling. Click the PRICES tab in the menu above for details.

  • There are no minimum purchase requirements.

How To Order

Keys and Order Fulfillment
  • An Online Subscription for GoVenture is sold as a Subscription KEY, which is a 32-digit number similar to this: 12345678-12345678-12345678-122345678. 

  • Bookstores will receive a unique KEY for each student account ordered — for example, if you order 10 Student Accounts you will receive 10 unique KEYs.  A KEY can only be used one time to create one student account, so it is important that bookstores do not mistakenly resell the same KEY to multiple students. The GoVenture system will not allow a KEY to be used more than one time. If a bookstore wants to know if a KEY has already been sold and used, you can go to the GoVenture product website and follow the links to create a new account and enter the KEY when prompted — a message will be displayed if the KEY has been used.

  • Bookstores should provide these directions to students when they purchase a Key —

    To use your Subscription Key, follow the directions at 

  • Student KEYs should not be used by instructors. Instructor KEYs are encoded in a special way to provide additional privileges for instructor accounts. Instructor accounts are free and should be requested from MediaSpark directly by instructors (not bookstores).

  • We do not accept returns for unsold Subscription KEYs but KEYs do not expire. This means that if a KEY is unsold, it can be held by the bookstore and sold in the future.  The term of the subscription does not start until a KEY is used to create an account, thereby allowing a student to receive the full term of the subscription regardless of when the KEY is issued or purchased.

  • There are no minimum purchase requirements which makes it easier for bookstores to manage their inventory on hand.

  • If a GoVenture product is discontinued or replaced we will work with bookstores to replace any unsold KEYs.

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