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Recruit Students, Employees, and Entrepreneurs with Business Game Events

Host an EVENT in-person or online using GoVenture ...

✅ Facilitate entrepreneurship and startups

✅ Enroll more students

✅ Recruit new employees

✅ Promote team building and collaboration

✅ Enhance your brand



Host local, regional, or global events or competitions. No minimums or maximums.

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How it Works
  • Participants play a business game. They have fun, learn about business, win prizes, and build goodwill for your organization.

  • We provide the business game. You manage the event and related logistics— or you can engage our team to do this all for you.

  • You market the event through your existing networks and channels by directing prospects to a website landing page that reflects your brand and messaging.

  • The are several GoVenture programs to choose from. The best program depends on the structure of your event.  

View EVENT examples, videos, and case studies



  • We can tailor an event to fit any requirements you may have.  

  • Prices vary based on the number of participants and structure of your event and can range from no cost ($0) to tens of dollars per participant.

  • You can likely find sponsors to fund your event and prizes (you keep 100% of your sponsor money).



When hosting an event, awarding prizes is a great way to energize participants. Consider the following:

  • It is better to offer many small and medium-sized prizes rather than one big prize.  You want participants to feel as though they have a good chance of winning something, so the more winners the better.

  • Prizes do not have to be expensive.  Many can even be dollar-store items or gift cards.

  • Award some prizes for participation and some prizes for performance.  Awarding prizes for participation makes everyone feel like they have a chance of winning. It also increases the sense of fairness in a competition.

  • Award prizes throughout the event, not just at the end.  This will keep participants engaged from start to finish.

  • Consider finding sponsors to provide prizes or to cover the cost of prizes and the event.


Enroll more students
The fun and realism of GoVenture inspires students of all ages as they discover business, marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, and related topics. This interest, combined with awareness of your brand and offering, can result in increased enrollments in business courses and schools.


Recruit new employees
Competing for talent in a global market is increasingly difficult. GoVenture is a unique recruiting initiative. Save recruiting time and money by generating more leads, and position your organization as an industry innovator.

Facilitate entrepreneurship and startups

Provide an experiential learning opportunity that is both fun and realistic. Books, lectures, seminars, and videos do not engage or excite people as much as a hands-on competitive activity like a GoVenture game.

Enhance your brand
Interest in business, entrepreneurship, and startups is at an all-time high and continuing to grow globally. Associating your brand with encouraging such activity generates awareness, goodwill, and new opportunities for your brand.



What brand is promoted?

Your brand is promoted. The event is not a GoVenture event.  It’s your event.  GoVenture just happens to be the game being used for your event. The GoVenture brand is integrated in the business game, including the account creation page, login page, and game interface. We can replace the GoVenture brand with your brand for an additional cost (but normally this is only feasible for large events, due to cost).

How long can an event last?

As long as you want.  Minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months.  We have different games that can be used in each circumstance.

Is this a location-based event or online?

Either or both. Online events enable you to recruit players from anywhere in the world (or not, it’s up to you). If you have a location-based event, we can provide you with what you need to deliver the event. You can also start with a location-based event and then continue the game online after the event.

What age of participant can an event accommodate?

We have games and events for all ages.

How much lead time is needed to launch an event?

We can set you up in one day or less. If you need to recruit players, then it may take days or weeks for you to do that, depending on your marketing plan.

How are prize winners determined?

You determine what prizes will be awarded and what the criteria will be. 

Do the games have a leaderboard?

Yes, some games have real-time rankings, while others require us to update the leaderboard manually.

What is GoVenture?

GoVenture is an award-winning line of educational games and simulations used in thousands of schools, universities, businesses, government agencies, and homes around the world.  Millions of people of all ages have gained business and financial literacy skills using GoVenture.  Find out more at 

What are GoVenture Business Game Events?

It’s a service offered by MediaSpark— makers of GoVenture. We use our GoVenture products to help organizations facilitate entrepreneurship and startups, enroll more students, recruit new employees, and enhance their brands.

Find Out More​

View EVENT examples, videos, and case studies

We can help you choose the best GoVenture program for your needs —  contact us

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