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Global business game where players run virtual businesses while competing and collaborating with others around the world. Gain authentic business and employment skills training in this Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).
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World business game & simulation

GoVenture World is the most authentic experience every created for:

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Free to Play

GoVenture World is free to play.

An optional GROUPS features makes it easier for instructors to monitor their students among the thousands of other players around the world. See Assessment & GROUPS below.

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School Curriculum

Inspire your students with an exciting way to teach and learn. GoVenture experiential learning enhances instructor-led and self-directed courses for youth and adults, online and offline. 


Bring accounting to life​ with the most effective way to learn and practice accounting.

Virtual Internships

Enhance or replace live internships by providing students anywhere in the world with the opportunity to experience startup and managerial roles over hours, days, weeks, and months.

MBA and Startup Training

There is no substitute for experience in business startup. Like a flight simulator for business, GoVenture enables players to gain years of realistic business experience in minutes by learning and practicing the fundamentals with no risk. 

Customer Empathy

Businesses can inspire their front-line employees by using GoVenture as a customer empathy tool. Employees will gain the wisdom to anticipate the needs of customers and the confidence to improve  customer relationships and sales.


Amazing Learning Experience
  • GoVenture world is the most authentic business education and entrepreneurship training experience ever created. Students gain valuable business experience and employment skills in a global business game where they compete and collaborate with other players around the world in real time.

Free to Play?
  • GoVenture World is free to play.  Your students will be in a game being played by many other students and non-students around the world, all at the same time.

  • An optional GROUPS feature makes it easier for instructors to monitor their students among the thousands of other players around the world. The GROUPS feature is not free — see ASSESSMENT below.

Play Time
  • A minimum time investment of 10 hours over 3 to 5 weeks is recommended (1 month of real time play equals 1 year in the game). More hours over a longer period of time will provide an even deeper and more meaningful learning experience and we recommend longer play when possible.

  • GoVenture World is designed to be played slowly, over weeks and months.  Players can choose to play multiple times each day, or only a few times each week.  Success is influenced by the amount of time invested in the game and the engagement level of the player.  Players must engage with the game repeatedly and some may choose to play casually to achieve modest success over a long period of time, while others choose to invest time every day and strive for high-score status on the leaderboards.

  • Instructors can manage play-time expectations by setting specific goals, such as expected revenue. The bigger the goal, the more time it takes students to achieve. Goals and assessment are described in this document — Onboarding and Assessment Strategies 

Individual and Team Play
  • In GoVenture World, players run their own businesses.  The same business cannot be run by more than one player.  However, the gameplay requires doing business with other players, which provides the opportunity for players to team up to establish reliable supply chains.  

  • Players that quickly establish and maintain reliable business relationships have the potential to achieve much greater success. Students in the same class are encouraged to work together. 

  • If team play is desired, instructors can identify teams of 2 or 4 players to work together, where teammates agree to run complementary businesses (manufacturing versus retail). Instructors may choose to (manually) combine teammate results when comparing class performance.

Assessment & GROUPS
  • Instructors have the choice of if and how to assess students playing GoVenture World.

  • Even if you choose not to assess student performance, the experience of playing GoVenture World will be invaluable to your students. Consider how much more dynamic your course can be if all of your students are running businesses part time while gaining authentic business experience.

  • An optional GROUPS feature makes it easier for instructors to monitor their students among the thousands of other players around the world. This feature has a fee — click the PRICES tab above for details. Instructors are not required to use this feature and can monitor students using other methods that have no cost but require some extra effort — for example, instructors can have students share screenshots of their metrics or instructors can navigate to student company websites. The GROUPS features provides a dashboard with all metrics efficiently aggregated and presented. Find out more in this document — Onboarding and Assessment Strategies

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