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Teaching Investing with GoVenture Simulations

GoVenture Investing simulations are perfect for allowing students to directly experience investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and gold.

There are two GoVenture simulations that can be used for investing education — one for personal finance investing and the other for business investing:

GoVenture Life and Money

Life & Money


Plan and directly experience 20 years of your financial future in this highly realistic life and money simulation.

GoVenture World


Build a global business empire by collaborating and competing with other virtual entrepreneurs around the world.

GoVenture Life & Money

  • A realistic software simulation and comprehensive curriculum designed to help youth and adults gain skills in personal financial literacy and investing. The simulation can be played with only the investment module turned on.

  • The investment module allows students to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and gold. The investments are fictitious allowing students to experience up to 20 years of economic cycles, played in weekly increments. Instructors can simplify or focus the simulation by controlling which investment options are available and the amount of money available to students.

  • Investment performance is based on real-world historical economic data and includes leading and lagging economic indicators — Economic Growth, Inflation, Unemployment, and Prime Rate.

GoVenture World


  • A global business simulation where students directly interact with other players around the world in a highly realistic and authentic role-playing experience.

  • Investing is more than simulated, it is real. Investments are all based on player interactions and performance in the game. Players negotiate with investment banks (managed by other players) to request loans, float bonds, and issue stock —  including initial public offerings (IPO).

  • Players can build investment portfolios by trading stocks and bonds issued by businesses managed by other players. The game includes primary and secondary bond and stock markets. Stock value changes based on business equity, dividend payouts, and liquidity. Bonds pay out coupon interest. Real estate investing option is coming soon.

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