Play the GoVenture Entrepreneur Business Simulation Game — Step-by-Step Walkthrough

hey i'm matthew giorgio the lead designer of this business simulation game let's play

i'm going to start a new game here

hey i'm matthew georgio the lead designer of this business simulation game let's play

all right here we are in the big city now before i was actually able to get to this big simulation here we

now before i was able to get to this comprehensive business simulation i actually had to do some training on some simpler businesses and so once i complete that training then i was able to enter this big city with this very realistic simulation in fact the simulation we're going to play right now is the most realistic startup and operation simulation in the world all right so welcome to big city this is where we'll start and run our full businesses this is the tutorial that's going to walk us through here with a full business we have many products to sell multiple inventory items to manage several employees to supervise and many challenges to overcome this is not going to be easy use your past business experience to set you up for success with this new business so that's again referring to the training that i've already done take note of the clock you have to properly manage your time because the clock will keep running while you're working you can change the speed of the clock by clicking the clock or the slider under the time so this is the clock that it's referring to everything runs by the clock so you're actually managing your business minute by minute hour by hour the clock only stops when you go home or pause the game you can choose when to go home each day by clicking the home icon there we are when you're home you'll choose how much time to allocate to personal family and sleep home time improves your health all right so there's our health meter right here and it looks like it's at 80 percent to start with so it seems the more we work if we work too many hours our health will go down i mean if we take time away from work our health will go up the clock is stopped right now to give you time to make your startup decisions okay so we've got plenty time to think things through start on the company screen okay so there's our menu at the bottom we're at the company screen by making your first startup decisions so the menu is not clickable right now because i'm in the tutorial all right let's go ahead and do that okay so we have to choose our business type and we're going to run a restaurant in this particular example here that there are other business types to choose from and we can review our founder and ceo so there i am and there's my health level and there's my seed financing so it looks like i started with sixty thousand dollars but my startup services were 15 000 of that so um that's going to use up a fair bit of that 60 000 that we started with and we're a little limited liability corporation we own 100 of the shares uh we'll actually be able to sell shares later on if we like all right let's choose a name and logo for a business so i'm going to call this foodies name my business and we can choose a logo for it this looks interesting let's choose that one and now we have to choose a location all right so um i can see there's three locations just shopping district the park and main street and uh so the park i'm guessing would be uh you know good for maybe people taking some time off uh away from work um just want to enjoy some time in the park uh probably not so good if the weather is not good so i can see the actual weather in the weather forecast here so on good days the park will probably be crowded and and bad weather days probably not so much main street seems to be kind of the downtown core uh that's where probably people are looking for quick lunch or something like that and then the shopping center which is like a mall so i can actually review consumer profiles here so this will give me some demographic and psychographic information about my customers and so i can see you know what what they want so i'm thinking about main street and i can see that main street they want quick service and a little bit of business reputation and a balance of price and quality okay so that's kind of the main things i want to look at there and the weather has very little effect on on traffic because you know people have to go to work regardless of the weather and i can see customer traffic so main street you can see mondays every monday tuesday wednesday thursdays they're all pretty evenly distributed so that's where most of traffic not much traffic on the weekends some but not much uh compared to uh you know maybe the shopping center where has a lot of its traffic on the weekends and same with the park okay all right let's scroll down further and these are the this is customer traffic by hour so if the main street street is red i can see that we're going to have peak traffic right around lunchtime so 12 1 pm anywhere from i guess 11 to 1 pm is peak traffic that's like 14 of my customers are gonna come around that time and then we have some breakfast traffic it looks like here and then some kind of early early supper or early dinner traffic as well interesting okay so that's going to help me with my setup so let me go ahead and choose main street say okay all right cool all right so well done next you have to make operations decisions click the operations button below let's do that

choose a site for your business okay so this is kind of the building that we're going to be in so we can choose economy quality or premium rent 1500 per month and this is 2500 and this is 4 000. the leaseholds are 3 000 so leaseholds are what we have to pay right up front to kind of renovate the space to suit our needs so the best thing here is to actually start with the economy because it's least expensive and then as our our capacity to serve more customers increases than we should uh upgrade to the uh the larger facilities and you can see there's actual capacity so this one only has like a just a little bit more than 25 more than a quarter of the capacity of the premium so when we start getting a lot of customers uh that's why i'll have to level up but for now we got to preserve cash because you know we're going to have a certain amount of startup cash so i'm going to choose economy so let's do that all right well done now click equipment in the sub menu below

some birds chirping in our in our game here i'm going to lower that volume a bit all right so we've got to choose equipment okay so this is our restaurant equipment so we've got starter starter deluxe deluxe prime prime so the difference here is that this is used and this is new and also the capacities so i can see the capacity that's how that's how many customers i can serve and like around the same time that increases based on the the cost and size of the equipment okay so again i think i'm going to i should start with the lowest cost and then move up so i've got the choice between five thousand used or ten thousand new uh ones under warranty and one isn't and actually this one has a little bit more capacity too so you know what i'm gonna think i'm gonna choose this one now we actually can sell this equipment later when we want to upgrade we can sell it but i think we're only going to get a certain percentage uh if we sell i think it's like 30 percent if we uh of what we originally paid for but you know if you're growing um you've got to do that so anyway let's go ahead and choose starter new well done now click schedule in the submenu below alright so your business is not yet scheduled to open for customers this allows you time to prepare your business such as ordering and receiving inventory hiring employees and other activities once you're ready to serve customers return to the screen to set your operating hours we cannot set them right now okay so this is where we would set our operating hours all right let's continue click documents in the sub menu below new businesses must register with the government qualify for permits and pay for a variety of business services everything your business needs has already been set up for you and you can review the costs on this document screen so i can see that there's business registration and tax id so right now i can't actually click but i think if i've come back to the screen i'll be able to look at these in more detail so some of these are one-time costs and some of them are recurring costs and if you remember we had a 15 000 startup so a lot of that fifteen thousand dollars is actually uh uh used by these uh services that we had to incur and uh we haven't paid for them yet they're they've invoiced us so we're gonna have to pay them in a minute all right now click the finance button below these are your payables here they are which are bills or money that you owe you must frequently return to the screen and click the amount you want to pay on each payable you must do this otherwise you'll risk going bankrupt i also happen to know that the benefit of paying bills quickly is uh it'll help our business reputation so if you pay people quickly they they like doing business with you so it'll uh help uh build up goodwill with our vendors all right so your new startup business is launched and the clock has started oh okay look the clock is moving now you're on your own now good luck all right okay so we're on our own we're not scheduled to open yet and we got to start making some decisions all right so first thing i'm going to do is i'm going to actually slow down the clock just a little bit so we can we can do that by clicking on the clock and adjusting the speed we can use this little slider and click on slower speed you'll see the clock is slowed down now so this gives us more time i think there's there's five settings here we can really slow it down so sometimes it's going to be beneficial for us to speed up the clock and sometimes to slow it down because you know for the more days we can get to our business the more chance we have a making profit in growing our business so we want to go quickly but we don't want to go so quickly that we're unable to make decisions right you know if i'm trying to make some decisions the customers are coming and i'm trying to serve them and all that it's going to be it's going to be too difficult so so we'll be adjusting that as we go but right now there's no pressure because we're not yet scheduled to open for business so let's do a couple things let's take a look at those uh those documents that we looked at so for example insurance and so this is going to cover most of our cost so we can see what you know what insurance is and how much it costs we can look at business registration so i see there's a 1500 startup fee and we're going to be charged a yearly fee of 250 as well so we can review all those things let's go to our finance and here's all the bills that we owe let's go ahead and actually pay those bills because i don't like owing money for a very long period of time especially if i have the money to pay somebody i'd rather just pay them off so let's go ahead and do that all right great so we don't owe anybody any money although look at our cash we went down from 60 000 to 40 to 24 000 that's because not only do we have the startup but we also had the site with our rent and the equipment that we had to buy and the leaseholds that we had to pay for all right so it costs money here to run a business like this all right so let's go to our products let's see where we're selling

okay so it's a restaurant i can see i've got a hamburger and i can click on it see hamburger french fries chicken strips salad chicken wrap vegetable wrap cola juice coffee water pie for dessert oh we got bacon and eggs that's good and ice cream sundae okay so we got everything here great i can see there's no quality yet that's because i know we don't have any inventory and there's the price so there's a default price but i can change the price like let's say on our hamburger instead of four bucks you know we could we can make it uh let's say a little bit more let's just go 420. anyway i probably shouldn't be tweaking the prices yet until i get some feedback from my customers or see how much this stuff costs all right so most of this is empty because i haven't got any sales let's go to inventory all right so this is where i have to buy all the ingredients that make everything all right so i can see like there's hamburger meat so if i go back to products and look at hamburger it's a flame broiled hamburger in a bun okay that's cool

let's go back to inventory for a second and actually there's some tabs up here and i can see usage so it shows me how each inventory item is used so i can see a hamburger meat i need one serving of hamburger meat for a hamburger all right

and actually buns that's used in a hamburger as well so i need buns and you know some other things but anyway i'm going to buy everything because i want to sell everything so let's go back to our inventory aging actually our inventory uh aging yup that's the right one and now we're going to go to our suppliers okay so we have different suppliers to choose from and i can see these are suppliers these guys say our food may be frozen but so are our low prices okay so they've often looks like they're positioning themselves as the lowest cost provider but frozen food so maybe the quality is not as good there and then to see top meats and artisan bakery so that sounds like top quality meat if i want to have really great burgers and chicken and so on your best value supplier for quality and price i like that premium beverages okay so i can looks like i can buy drinks at a good price just from these guys but it says just beverages so that means they only sell beverages and they're farm roy locally sourced organic foods okay that sounds expensive but also sounds uh delicious and what a lot of customers might want these days all right so we've got some decisions to make this is our shipping options okay so we've got to worry about shipping so who's got the fastest shipping because i want to get started selling right away okay so i've got one in one it looks like the fastest i'm going to get is prices that's the frozen food okay so that may not be where i want to stay but just for the sake of getting some sales as soon as possible i'm going to go with prices so let's let's go ahead and order inventory so i'm going to choose prices as the supplier and this shows me everything that that they have available for sale and this looks like they sell everything which is good let me just check m b that's the meat and bread so meat and bread only has meat and red so i wouldn't be able to get all my stuff from this supplier so i i could get maybe just my meats here just my bread or both and then get the rest from other suppliers so i'm gonna have to experiment to see who's gonna give me the kind of best price and best quality and actually look at the quality of this these guys ingredients hundred percent so this is the the best quality ingredients now let's go to prices where we're going to uh look at okay the prices look the quality is half as good so that's not going to be as great for my customers uh what about prices just like look here a buck for hamburger meat what about uh yeah lemon bee oh hammer meets two bucks so it's twice as expensive but better quality so you know if i go with these guys later i'm probably gonna have to raise my prices but if customers want better quality they're probably willing to pay a little bit more for it so anyway we'll have to keep that in mind for later so right now let's just get some inventory and start making some sales all right so i'm gonna click on this one instead of just clicking how many i want i'm going to use this quantity discounts here this will allow me to quickly get a bunch and i get discounts if i buy more higher quantities which is good we keep that in mind as well as we figure out our best patterns for ordering inventory so lots of experimenting we're going to have to do to figure out you know how much inventory we're selling you know what's the top sellers how much we have to buy you know if people are liking our private products and our quality and so on all right so we've got 100 everything let's go ahead and sell select expedited shipping so we can get it in one day plus one day delivery so it's still going to take a couple days it's going to cost a hundred and some bucks just for delivery actually 170 just for delivery wow that's because we want it fast so you got to pay for it all right so inventory ordered so now we got to wait for it to come that's okay we've got other things we can do so we can review the order here's the order we just placed and we can look at it and i can see i can duplicate the order so that'll make it easy if i want to keep ordering the same order every time i don't have to click all those times all right so that's cool let's close that all right so that's all of our products area let's take a look at employees okay so we've got me the founder and ceo and i'm working in the business by not taking a salary okay to keep your living costs low you're living a frugal lifestyle and paying your costs with personal savings keep this in mind when reviewing the profits in cash flow for your business because they would be impacted if you were taking a salary so basically what this is telling us is that we're not getting paid as owners and operators of the business however if we generate profit in the business then that profit could be our pay so the more profit we generate you know the more uh salary we can pull out of the business let's see okay job applicants all right so these are all the employees we can hire but you know what i'm gonna i'm not gonna hire any employees yet i'm gonna skip over this for now let's just try to make some sales i'm not gonna do any marketing either because that's kind of uh you know that i got to make some good decisions i don't want to waste my money until i know that i'm getting some customers and making some money so so let's go ahead and try to get to some sales as quickly as possible now i'm just doing this so that we can make those sales fast i wouldn't normally do this if i was trying to do really well here but all right so you notice the clock has been ticking all this time so it's 5 p.m let's go home so we're going to click on the home icon here and uh it looks like yeah it's at 30 minutes commute time so it looks like uh it takes 30 minutes for us to go home and then 30 minutes to come back uh so let's go ahead and choose let's see we're going to choose oops i clicked the wrong one there that's okay that's the uh oh this is midnight now and this is the end of day report now there's no numbers here we'll look at this later when we actually have some sales

it looks like i got to work kind of early this this morning let me accelerate that time clock and get that time moving a little bit faster now again i don't actually have inventory hasn't arrived yet i think we still need another day to get there so rather than uh i can spend some time looking at other parts of my business and so on but rather than do that i'm going to actually just go home again and now i'm going to choose a proper time i'm going to get to work let's say it uh just before a.m or around 7 a.m with commute time here all right when we have to set our operating hours too we can't forget that because otherwise we're not open all right so our progress is saved so the simulation saves every every simulated day all right let's see do we have uh has our inventory arrived yet still not yet i think it's going to arrive it might actually arrive this afternoon but um let's open tomorrow so while we're waiting for that to happen oh look it's arrived let's slow down that clock hold on slow down that clock all right so we've got inventory let's go and look and close that oh there we go we're ready ready to rock and roll here okay so now let's open up our business so what time is it 10 a.m and clock sticking let's try to get this rush hour what day is it wednesday okay let's set our operating hours for wednesday by the time i finish this it's going to be like 11 o'clock so let's open at 11 and let's play let's go a little late today let's go till 8. see if we can serve a bunch of customers and we also want to open on thursday oh well as well let's uh go ahead at 8 am to 7 and then friday same thing and we'll do this we'll set this up for every day and we can change every day as you can see every day can be different sunday you know what let's open for brunch kind of breakfast brunch on sunday and lunch and just leave it at that and then monday same thing we can come in here and change these at any time you know as we're discovering more information about our sales and our customers uh let's so let's you know what let's do one more hour for today to try to make a little bit more money i don't have any employees the schedule yet so there's no employees that's okay because we want to figure out you know what's going on first before we spend money uh on employees and marketing and so on all right let's uh close this down there's our there's our building by the way there's our business right there and there's gonna be how many products we're selling and our revenue and that's us right there our little icon let's move the clock up faster so we can get to 11 o'clock and open for business and get some excitement happening here all right here we go here come our customers there they are these little dots um although those dots are going to be little people in uh in a short while but they represent people at the moment look this is the feedback from our customers that's appearing above and you can hear a ding that ding is a sail and that little blur that we hear that lerp is a mist sale so we can see here this little x we're missing out on sales for some reason oh no something's something's off so we'll have to figure this out and you can see the little happy faces or if they're sad faces that's the customer feedback if our customers are happy or not and then these icons that appear if an icon appears on the left side of the face to our left of the face that means something negative is happening and if icon appears on the right hand side of the face that means there's positive feedback from the customers and if no icon appears that means it's neutral feedback because in the real world most customers don't actually give you feedback it's kind of you know if they're not really happy or really unhappy they're usually not going to say anything so what we're seeing here is basically people who are really happy or quite unhappy and we've definitely run into some problems here because we're losing a lot of sales that's okay though because this is just our first day in business we'll figure things out that's part of this experience is to actually run into problems fail on certain things and then uh learn from that and continue to improve because you definitely learn a lot more uh from making mistakes than uh than you do if everything went went well really easily all right so we uh we're gonna look and see what's going on here while that's happening let's take a look to see if we can see what's happening here oh look at that we ran out of oil seasoning and condiments which are used in pretty well everything that we make and that's what's our killer here all right so lesson learned here that we should should have really ordered a lot more of that of that item and we would have made a lot more sales for the day all right so i think we're just about uh ready to close the business all right there we go it's closed let me slow down the clock now to give us a little bit more time to figure things out so we've served 92 i think we've sold 92 products and lost out on 114 our revenue for the day is 280 so not a great day now what i really should do is i should actually go to my products and immediately order inventory and again i'm going to have to go to prices with expedited shipping to try to increase this quantity you know i'm going to do 500 this time and i can still everything else looks like it's still okay like a lot of things i didn't sell mostly because you know like you couldn't you couldn't cook them because i ran out of this important agree ingredient but let me since i'm here let me go and order a little bit of everything just to have although you know i'm not going to order more meats and stuff because the quality will actually degrade over time so i don't want to do that so let's place that order all right we're good it's getting late i'm going to have to get home soon i don't want to get impacted with negative health here but before we do that let's go ahead and look at our reports and we can look at customer feedback so this will show us what kind of feedback we're going to get from customers now it only shows us up until the day before so we have to wait for this day to be over before we're going to see the results of that same with our customers served yeah we'll come back to those tomorrow um let's close this for now and let's go home and get started early on the next day let's see you want to get to work around 7 30 the next day okay so there's the end of our day we serve 36 customers as much lower than i was hoping for we lost 114 customers while i sold 92 products and uh sales revenue 280 cost of goods so that's all the ingredients that we use to make our products 120 so our gross profit is 159 and our gross profit margin 57 now i happen to know in the restaurant business a gross profit margin should probably be around 60 70 maybe even even as high as 75 percent that's essentially your food costs and your preparation costs of course you know gross profit gross merchant don't tell you everything there's a whole bunch of other costs that we have to have to deal with like our rent for example and our utilities and so on that are not reflected in gross profit they're actually reflected another number called net profit which we can see i can also see that some of my items uh some of my inventory items were either discarded or got spoiled and so i lost a dollar and 30 of value there so i have to be careful not to have too much inventory on hand that's not going to sell otherwise i could lose out there all right so let's commute all right so we're back to work the next day now i don't think i want to open today because you know remember i ran out of inventory and so i'm gonna the same thing will happen to me here so i'm actually gonna close today's thursday i'm gonna close today and on friday i might get my inventory but it's probably not gonna come until late so let's not open until 11. there we go so i've made plans for now in the next two days and i think i'm going to get it i may not even get it tomorrow but let's see the inventory we'll have to wait and see for that but let's uh let's go ahead and look at a report remember we're going to look at our feedback okay so there we go so we can see now that um day three we lost six customers because of service so that means my service was slow which means that i was the only one working and so i couldn't serve as many customers came in at that time so that's where i might have to hire employees now i'm not ready to do that yet because you know remember we lost a lot of customers here because of our inventory so i want to see what my numbers are like when i have enough inventory to serve everybody right i don't want to start making decisions on five different variables at the same time so we want to kind of isolate the variables i can see one person we lost or was unhappy we didn't necessarily lose them but they were unhappy because of price and a whole bunch of people not too happy with quality

so remember we bought all the frozen food so the quality is not as good and so a lot of people not so happy with quality now i could probably improve that if i lower my prices because you know people are willing to forgive you on quality if you charge them a low price if you know if they feel like look i'm not paying much so i kind of get what i pay for i think we can be a little bit forgiven if we were to lower our prices a bit or the other option of course is to increase our quality to buy better inventory and we lost almost everybody because of inventory as you can see here and capacity too so we actually lost some people because of our either our equipment or our site capacity and we got no positive feedback but don't worry about that i think we might get some we might get some of them the next day so here's our customer served and lost so we can see a little bit more details about you know why we lost uh customers and our customer satisfaction wasn't too bad 71 percent so it's not terrible all right so let's uh let's go ahead and close that let's let's advance to the next day and speed up the clock a little bit here oh no what happened

so okay so we're going to advance the next day here

here we go hopefully our inventory will arrive and then we can actually open for

business we go i'm ready there's our end of day we're going to skip through that very quick

and on our way back to work commuting with that 30 minute commute as a killer here using up some good sales time and work time that that we may need all right so let's speed up the clock get this uh get the show on the road here see if we can get our inventory to arrive and so we can start making some money okay our progress is safe so that's good come on inventory uh oh we're scheduled open remember we scheduled open today and it's there we go we're open for business and we don't have enough inventory oh it hasn't arrived don't know and you know what i don't think we can actually close now

i'm not sure we're gonna oh inventory received good news good news all right here are those dings that ding that's great cash register clicking up here okay look at that we're getting lots of good dings and we're not getting many bloops here in other words we're not losing many customers we lost one there and look at the feedback customers looking reasonably happy but quality not very happy with our quality not very happy with the quality oh look at this we're running out of something again what did we run out of here

let's look at our products our inventory ran out of potatoes uh gotta pay attention to my inventory

all right well that we'll let that uh go let's take a look at our employees because i think at some point we're gonna be probably gonna be losing some customers now due to service and uh so let's look at our employees here so here's what we what we can do is we can review different employees oh there's our end of day

and we've served 68 customers so did a lot better than yesterday still lost a lot uh made a lot more money today gross profit margin still on the lower side but not you know much better than the day before so we're definitely improving let's go ahead and slow down that clock because it's already past midnight and we're out of potatoes as well so let's see what we're going to do here so we can look at different employees and we look at the work experience in education i can click on employ let's go ahead with uh let's fire somebody was kind of affordable here to get started so gian let's see food service skills not too great not too great customer service skills not too great but she's only asking 12 bucks an hour and others are a lot more expensive but let's try maria here okay maria's looking good here customer service is high food service you know some experience not too much but 14 bucks let's see let's go ahead and offer her 14 an hour job offer accepted good news all right so we have an employee so now what we could do is we can go and schedule maria in the schedule here and looking at employees by week we can look at maria for example so this shows us our operating hours so what's today saturday so let's say i wanted to work tomorrow sunday i could add her to work at specific hours in the day or maybe the entire shift for the day and then on monday i can do the same thing have a work maybe just the rush hour lunch time because that's when i think i might need the most help in fact you know what yeah let's reduce our hours here just until we figure out you know how to do better and how to make money here before we spend too much money so that's uh that's how we can do employees we also have the option of actually

including benefits as part of the compensation package so we can do health insurance and so on and they're they're a percentage of salaries so if i turn it on uh for my employees then all employees will get these benefits but you know they're not they're not cheap to offer they're kind of expensive but it might keep the morale up and keep their uh their productivity up and um increase their loyalty to the business so it's probably a good idea to invest in some of these things as we you start generating a little bit of money and we can actually invest in those things we can eventually train our employees review hr reports to see if their employees are showing up for work and so on and then we can uh we can start marketing so once we figure out you know that we're making money the next step would be to start marketing our business and here we can look at a business reputation and it's made up of four different metrics like customer satisfaction employee morale and so on and then our advertising effectiveness we don't have any yet because we haven't actually started advertising so we can invest in things like signage and experience and appearance and customer service and product quality and we can put on a sale and see if that attracts more customers we can invest in actual advertising options here but to do that we have to review our various customer psychographics different consumer segments and decide who we're going to target because we can't target everybody like for example i can see here that um you know if i want to target people who want uh who are time sensitive right which we recognize that we're in the main streets a lot of people are time sensitive that's the green bar so this group m6 is the most time sensitive so i'm probably going to target them and then maybe one and two because they're also the biggest green bars again most time sensitive so i want to target six one and two so when i go to targeting i would identify the consumer groups i want to target so six one and two so i might put you know thirty percent of my focus on them and thirty percent on them and maybe uh the rest uh forty percent on them so now i'm a hundred percent and then i can you know experiment with this and come back and actually see how well my targeting is working do the same with messaging so here i can use keywords so depending on the type of restaurant i want to run it's like do i want to run a quick service you know low cost restaurant like your fast service fast food quick serve low prices i think those are the kind of affordable value meals those are kind of keywords i think will attract my my consumers i can see things like gourmet but you know if i'm offering frozen foods it's not really gourmet and if i i know if i use the term gourmet it's not going to resonate well with my my target so this is so this is kind of interesting we have to really think about the keywords we can target we can choose up to eight of them for each consumer group here and then come back and experiment to see how well each one is doing and then different media options as well so i can see which type of media whether it's tv or social media or events or sponsorships are the best way to reach my particular customers and again i can allocate a percentage of my budget to these areas and then come back and see how well it's working and then adjust it so every every few days i can come back here adjust it see if i can improve my targeting and so on so lots lots going on in the simulation let's go ahead and close that i can also under the menu i can control uh various things like the music and sound effects and and so on and if i go back to reports i can bring up balance sheets so i can understand the value that i'm building my business i can bring up income statements

and see if i you know how how making money where a lot of my money is going and all sorts of other reports uh in terms of products i'm selling and the finance i can uh apply for loans or sell shares in my business i can see i've got some bills i got to pay as well and uh and then the the last thing here was this is our performance report so this will actually assess our our our behavior in terms of our performance in the simulation so it's actually going to give me a skill score so we're not doing very well right now 32 it's pretty low skill score but we're just getting started so we've got to kind of build up our success as we go along and it's going to rate us on finance and leadership and sales and marketing and operations and how well we treat our employees and we even have micro learning built in as well which is kind of cool so we can learn a variety of things in micro learning that's micro learnings under here where if we want to learn certain topics whether it's about learn about marketing or finance or accounting we can actually watch videos and do quizzes and so on here and refine our knowledge and then apply what we're learning in this micro learning into for example i can click on that and then i'll bring up the micro learning module for businesses and products where we can watch a video and and then review what we saw in the video and then actually do some quizzes to confirm that what we learned cool all right so that's that's us playing the simulation now we could play this for hours and hours and hours and hours and we'd try different business types as well which would be kind of cool and just keep improving our business and keep learning uh in this very realistic business simulation hope you enjoyed this this walkthrough