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The most realistic small business startup and operations simulation-based learning in the world. 

Start with a lemonade stand, level up to a kiosk, food truck, and full business then build a regional franchise from the ground up. Ideal for players of all ages and levels. Integrated microlearning modules and skill assessment.

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Lemonade Stand

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Kiosk Business

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Full Business

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Start with a lemonade stand, level up to a kiosk, food truck, and full business then build a regional franchise from the ground up in the most realistic small business startup and operations simulation in the world.

Level Up!

Players will be guided through the experience based on their individual capabilities to maximize learning and assessment. Players who need a basic experience can focus on the lemonade stand and the kiosk and food truck businesses. Advanced players can progress to run a full business and establish a regional franchise.

Global Leaderboards

Players can compare their performance with  the best in the world on the global leaderboards.


Modern User Interface

Players can navigate an immersive 3D city to select business locations and watch customer activity and feedback in real time. The interface begins with basic options and increases in depth as the player progresses to higher levels.

Microlearning and Skill Assessment

The simulation is enhanced with over 100 microlearning modules that introduce business concepts using video and other media supported with knowledge checks, quizzes, and authentic skill assessment.

Instructor Controls and Resources

Instructors have fine control over player progress and assessment using an instructor website (online version). Includes comprehensive learning and assessment resources  — see below.


School Curriculum

Inspire your students with an exciting way to teach and learn. GoVenture experiential learning enhances instructor-led and self-directed courses for youth and adults, online and offline. 


Bring accounting to life​ with the most effective way to learn and practice accounting.

Virtual Internships

Enhance or replace live internships by providing students anywhere in the world with the opportunity to experience startup and managerial roles over hours, days, weeks, and months.

Startup Training

There is no substitute for experience in business startup. Like a flight simulator for business, GoVenture enables players to gain years of realistic business experience in minutes by learning and practicing the fundamentals with no risk. 

Customer Empathy

Businesses can inspire their front-line employees by using GoVenture as a customer empathy tool. Employees will gain the wisdom to anticipate the needs of customers and the confidence to improve  customer relationships and sales.

GoVenture Entrepreneur
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GoVenture Entrepreneur
GoVenture Entrepreneur

Purchase Options

GoVenture Entrepreneur is available in two versions:  BASIC and ADVANCED. The BASIC version has a lower price but will not progress past the kiosk (with food truck) businesses.


Online Subscription plays from the cloud in a browser on computers, Chromebooks, and tablets. Deliver your curriculum in person, online, or at a distance.

Perpetual version is installed and plays on Windows and Macintosh computers in your school or organization with no renewal fees. Note — perpetual version does not have an instructor website, Microlearning, or the option to adjust simulation settings.

GoVenture Entrepreneur combines and replace all of these GoVenture business simulations: Lemonade Stand, Micro Business, Food Truck, Accounting, and Small Business. Free upgrades to an equivalent version are provided to customers who purchased any of these other programs within one year earlier.

View PRICES for details.

STUDENT PRIVACY is fully maintained.

Business Types

Many business types are available to play!

Lemonade Stand 

  • Lemonade Stand 

Kiosk Business

  • Ice Cream

  • Tacos

  • Hot Dogs

  • Popcorn & Snacks

  • Clothing

  • Costume Jewelry

  • Electronics

Full Business

Included with Advanced version only (not Basic)

  • Fitness Gym 

  • Casual Restaurant 

  • Sandwich Restaurant

  • Mexican Restaurant

  • Pizza Restaurant

  • Cafe

  • Ice Cream Store

  • Auto Parts & Service

  • Hotel

  • Veterinary Clinic

  • Cosmetics

  • Department Store

  • Online Retail

Well-known brands that match the business types above include the following (note that these brands do NOT appear in the simulation) — McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, Quiznos, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Starbucks, Duncan, Tim Hortons, Baskin Robbins, Dairy Queen, Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, Midas, Meineke, Hilton, Marriott, Pet Depot, L'Oréal, Clinique, Walmart, Amazon, and many more.

Global Leaderboards

Players can compare their performance with  the best in the world on the global leaderboards.

Player names are anonymous to maintain full privacy, but instructors can identify their own students on the leaderboards.

Standards, Topics, 
and Outcomes

GoVenture represents the best of experiential learning. Your students learn more while you teach less. With over 100 activities, topics, and outcomes covered, GoVenture makes it quick and easy to deliver curriculum-matched outcomes in a way that is problem-based, cross-curriculum, thematic, and holistic.


Comprehensive Learning Resources Included

GoVenture can be used to enhance your current course or training or to build an entirely new course — everything instructors and students need is included to meet or exceed learning standards.
Instructor Guide and Website

Instructor Guide and Website

An instructor guide and curriculum plan on how to use GoVenture in schools or for business training. The online version of GoVenture also includes a free instructor website for monitoring and assessing student performance in real time. 

View Instructor Guide

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Microlearning and Skill Assessment

The simulation is enhanced with over 100 microlearning modules that introduce business concepts using video and other media supported with knowledge checks, quizzes, and authentic skill assessment. (Microlearning is only included with the Online version, while Skill Assessment is included in all versions.)

Learning & Activity Book

Learning & Activity Book

Helps students learn the fundamental concepts of business and entrepreneurship. The 240-page book is easy to read with large text and lots of examples to make fundamental business concepts easy to understand. Students can use it as a reference for topics they need help with, or read it from cover to cover to gain practical business wisdom. Provided as Adobe PDF. View sample pages

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Lessons and Activities

Over 50 lesson plans and activities designed to bring business education alive in the classroom. Every key decision a business owner needs to make in starting and running a business is addressed. Glossary included. Provided as Adobe PDF. View glossary and sample activities



Videos to enhance student learning — curated from around the world.

Test Bank

Test Bank

Multiple-choice questions that you can copy and paste to build your own printable tests. 



Includes multiple assessment options to choose from enabling instructors to perfectly match their grading and performance preferences. Assessment options include participation, performance, quizzes, journaling, report preparation, and more. Most options are automated saving significant instructional time. 

Award Certificates

Award Certificates

Printable certificates for rewarding learner achievement.  
Award Certificates

VIDEO of the Full business in GoVenture ENTREPRENEUR

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