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welcome to the go venture Lemonade Stand demonstration go venture lemonade stand is an easy-to-use program that introduces you to the experience of running your own lemonade stand business it's the perfect first step for children or even adults who need to learn the basics of running a business let's take a look the first thing you need to do when you start a game is to give your business a name and choose a logo for it let's call it lemans and let's choose a logo from the selection available here click Play and you are good to go go venture Lemonade Stand uses a set play format first you make your decisions for the day and then you run the simulation to see if you made good choices the first thing you want to do is check out the weather forecast for the day hot sunny days are the best for selling lemonade on cold or rainy days fewer people will be out walking so the weather may have an influence on your decision making with go venture Lemonade Stand young entrepreneurs need to make three decisions if you look down at the bottom of the screen you will see three variables price recipe and inventory each virtual day you will set the parameters for those three variables let's look at the first one price you can set the price for your lemonade anywhere from 25 cents to three dollars per cup you want to set the price high enough that you'll make a profit but not so high that your customers will say no let's set it at one dollar and sixty cents next you have to set your recipe there are four possible recipe settings the lowest setting is called sour and watery it uses just half of one lemon and one tablespoon of sugar for each cup of lemonade it is the least expensive lemonade you can make and that can be a good thing or a bad thing on the plus side you'll spend less money using this recipe so you may earn a larger profit from each sale however sour and watery will not be very popular with your customers so you may end up selling fewer cups of lemonade at the other end of the scale is sweet and lemony which uses two whole lemons and four tablespoons of sugar to make a single cup this recipe is quite expensive to make and that means you'll probably have to set your prices higher in order to make a profit the good news is that your customers are almost certain to like the sweet and lemony flavor the bad news is that nobody likes to pay more for their lemonade there are two recipes that have middling amounts of lemon and sugar so you have some room to experiment here let's set the recipe one level up from sour and watery and see how that goes and finally you will need to purchase inventory to do that you will have to invest some of your cash to purchase lemons sugar and cups you want to make sure you have the right mix of inventory for the recipe you have chosen however you don't want to buy too much because unused inventory can spoil or get broken and that is money lost you also need to keep an eye on your cash balance you start the game with $25 you cannot spend more cash than you have so you need to invest wisely for this first day let's make the smallest possible investment in inventory let's buy 25 lemons for five dollars 100 tablespoons of sugar for four dollars and fifty cups for five dollars that's a total of fourteen dollars and purchases let's go ahead and buy that and watch as two things happen first you can see that your quantities of each inventory item have increased and second you can see that you're starting cash balance has been reduced by fourteen dollars so now you only have eleven dollars left now that you have made your decisions for the day you can open for business by clicking on this open sign take a look there you are in a happy face lemon costume working the lemonade stand and here come your prospective customers a prospective customer is somebody who might buy your lemonade if you have made good biz decisions some of those people will stop and buy lemonade from you you may see some of them offering your comments at the end of the day you get this summary of your results you can see the number of customers you served you can see your sales for the day and you can see how much cash you now have up from that $11 you had when you open this morning and if there were any damaged cups or if any of your lemons or sugar spoiled you will see that too on the right is a profit rating which shows you how well you are doing based on your cash balance you haven't yet earned enough money to make your mark on that yet but you will so click OK because we are now ready for day two one last thing this thing here is a Settings button click on that if you need help or if you want to start a new game or change the volume settings or when you are ready to quit click on that Settings button again if you want to return to the game so that is it time to make some decisions for day to thank you for triangle venture lemonade stand we hope you have fun and make lots of money