GoVenture Typing Keyboarding Game Tutorial Video, Fantasy Science Fiction Theme

welcome to the go venture typing tutorial video Govender typing is a fun and engaging game that teaches keyboarding to beginners and reinforces proper technique for experience typists it's designed for use in schools or at home or work the game combines fantasy genre storytelling like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings to create an epic quest for survival and success depend on your keyboarding skills let me show you how it works so when you're first launched go venture typing if this is your first time you'll start a new game if you've already been playing you'll resume that that game so we immediately meet ruzic the wise that's the kings wizard who's going to guide us on our quest and train us for various challenges along the way we will do our quest using a map that ruzic provides so right now we're in section one of the map you can see at the very bottom here there are going to be five sections that will be revealed as we complete the map there's a trail indicated on the map as you can see here I'm following the trail with the mouse and as I complete each of the modules each of the tasks I will reveal the next section of the map in order to continue my quest now when I first start the game it begins with a skill test and the premise of the skill test is to identify what our typing speed is right now and what we would like it to be when we complete the game so let me go ahead and click on skill test and by the way you cannot complete any of these others you cannot do any of these other tasks until they light up and and they will do so in order of sequence so we we will begin the skill test - ruzek is asking us to type at as fast as we can while making as few mistakes as possible so you know we want to limit the number of mistakes we made we make because that will slow us down because we have to correct our mistakes so let's go ahead and start the scale test and every screen in the game will start with some type of help overlay like you see here that explains the different sections of the screen as soon as you click it will go away and you can also bring it back at any time by clicking the orange question mark which is our help button and that brings it right back up so every drill or challenge will begin paused and waiting for you to begin typing usually there's going to be some type of timer or other measure in this case in the skill test you'll see there's a 45 second timer that will be in counting down as soon as I begin typing next to the timer is a words per minute or wpm speed and so in this game we're measured by how many words per minute we can type and that's ultimately how typing is measured and our goal in that typing speed and of course the words per minute have to be correct words in the scroll in the middle shows what we need to type and we start with the first letter which is an uppercase or capital T which is normally created by holding the shift key down and pressing the letter T you'll notice there's a little green triangle that indicates the letter that we're supposed to be typing at the moment and that green triangle will move forward as you type I notice there's also spaces in between the words which means you have to press the space bar at that point if you make a mistake the you'll see a red X and red underscore or red letter where you made the mistake and you'll press the back backspace button to try that again it will not let you continue until you correct that mistake and I'll show you that in a moment you'll also see at the bottom here a representation of your keyboard and you'll see highlighted the keys that you should be pressing at the moment so for a uppercase or capital T you'll notice it's the shift and the letter T are highlighted so every time you're supposed to click particular keys you'll see it highlighted on the keyboard it also known as these hands or gloves which are called gauntlets back in you know in medieval times and the gauntlet will show you which finger you should be using to press the key so in the case of the ladder of T it's left hand index finger in the case of the shift it's right hand pinkie finger that's very important that you try to follow these specific guides and techniques because it will improve your typing speed and give you more proper technique and proper technique will allow you to type faster if you stray from the technique you'll still probably be able to type relatively fast but certainly not as fast as following proper proven technique so this is a scale test we're ready to begin the skill test and as soon as I begin typing it will start let's do that so you'll notice the letters that I'm correctly typing are turning blue oh I just made a mistake on the O I have to press the back space to clear that mistake and then continue typing from where I left off and I just want to type quickly but at a speed that minimizes the number of mistakes I made there's a G with little X I made a mistake on the G I will go back it will not let me continue until I correct that and so let's continue speed test now you'll notice in this case the scroll has scrolled up to reveal more words for me the type

so there we go the typing skill test has ended and it's showing my achievement so my current speed in words per minute wpm is 36 and now it's recommending a goal of 46 now I can adjust that goal to any number that I want but I want to be careful that I don't want to choose a number that's too high because that may be too difficult for me to achieve that goal or a number that's too low because that may not be challenging enough and may not improve my typing skills as much as I should now you can return to the skill test at any time and adjust the goal you can retake the skill test and adjust the goal so if you want to adjust it up or down you can do so but keep in mind that if you do adjust the goal it is reflected in your performance report so it is logged when you do change your goal and if you're doing this typing game as part of a course you may be required to achieve a certain speed level and you want to make sure that you don't change your goal to something that is not acceptable for your program or course so make sure you follow those instructions and we can also see the problem letters any particular letters I had challenges with you'll they'll appear here but this case I'm gonna just leave the goal at 46 and click continue and I've just earned an achievement and in the game you'll find that there's a number of achievements you can see most of them are grayed out here because I have not earned them yet but I've earned the skill test achievement and I can scroll through to see the other mystery achievements that I have yet to achieve so we're taking right back to the map and now I can start my training you can see the next mission in our quest is now glowing and I can go ahead and click on that to do my training now the training there's always has 9 drills you can see them listed here so every training step has 9 drills Andrew Zack will explain why the ruzic or a narrator would explain what's currently happening in our quest in our story and what we're preparing for so to begin this drill I simply would click on the drill and ruzic will explain to us which letters were working on in this particular group drill so in this case I'm just reading just starting so it's the letter F and it's only the letter F so let's start that drill and it's reminding us here what our home position of our keys are so this is explaining proper typing technique where our fingers should be placed lightly over the keys as you see them in the image below this will maintain proper typing technique and this is how we want to keep our hands as we type so here's our drill with the letter F is all ready to go again the gauntlet is showing which finger I should be using and where the F key is that I should press reminder that we have the help button that we can bring up at any time on any screen and we have 15 seconds to do this drill let's go ahead and do that so you can see I'm typing space F F F space after that theft and my words per minute is being tracked oh I made a mistake let's use the backspace to correct that

and we got three stars so that's great that's the best that we can do we have words per minute was 26 so that's what our measure was so the game is going to reward your stars based on what the words per minute goal you set so it will adjust intelligently based on where you should be in this current stage of the quest and where you want to be with your end goal now if I click continue it'll take me back to the drill screen you can see my three stars that I've earned without drilling and three is the most I can earn one two or three stars if I achieve the drill that passed the drill if I don't I won't get any stars if I do not pass a drill I cannot continue I do have to repeat the drill until I pass it until I get at least one star and then I sequentially will do the drills in order until I complete all of them and then I'll be prepared for my first challenge which will be revealed on the map I can return here at any time to improve any drill and repeat any drill so for example if I only got one star on drill 2 I can come back and repeat drill 2 in order to improve the stars and that's important because when I'm ready to do my next challenge that I was preparing for with these drills I'll also be rewarded with stars 1 2 or 3 stars the maximum stars that I can get any challenge is based on the maximum number of stars that I was able to achieve in my drill so for example if I have 3 stars and all my drills here but one star and drill two then the most I can get on a challenge is only one star because that's that's the lowest star rating that I have achieved if I've got at least two stars on all my drills at least two then I can get earn up to two stars my challenge in order to earn three stars in my challenge I have to have three stars and all my drills and also do really well on the challenge in order to achieve the three stars there was so once we complete our drills we can also return to the map and then the next part of the map will reveal itself let's take a look at the items at the bottom of the map so while we're while we're performing our quest we have access to a list of achievements which I showed earlier but also a performance report so this is a very detailed report that shows how we're doing every step of the way so on this first screen that you see here it shows all 49 levels so the game has 49 levels nearly 500 tasks and challenges along the way we also concede our skill test so right here it shows our our skill test results and with the latest results we'll and the first time we ran the skill test so if you run it multiple times you'll see the first and the last time you ran it and then I can use the arrows here to scroll down and see more details about each individual tasks so I could see in task 1 my goal was 45 words per minute I needed to achieve at least 18 to pass the drill I actually achieved 26 and so I earned 3 stars so I'll be able to scroll through this performance report and see very very other details of each of my tasks and challenges now let's switch over to a map that actually has more of the more of the tasks and the quest unlocked so we can see a bit more of what's happening ok so here we have a map with more of the quest revealed and completed in fact you can see there's a second part of the map here that I can access by clicking the map button below before I show you some more of what's to come let's take a look at the menu button so the menu button will allow you to save your game now if you're using the online version of co-venture typing then saving is done automatically you need to use this button but if you do click it it will just immediately save your progress anyway which is going to happen anyway if you're using the nut and the offline version then you do have to save your game using this button before you quit because if you quit without saving you'll lose your progress and you don't want that so you want to make sure to save your game before you quit and often in between as well just in case anything were to happen with your computer you don't want to lose your progress so save off and using this button again you don't have to do that if you're using the online version you can access your performance report which I you can also access directly from the map which I showed earlier you can learn a little bit about the program and our team who created it you can quit the game completely if you like you can click this button to adjust the volume of the background music and there's a separate button for sound effects so maybe you want the music off but leave the sound effects on or perhaps both on or both off game is much more fun if you at least leave the sound effects on and then we also have this option which is called finger position directions if you turn this on what will happen is you'll hear a voice tell you which finger to use to click which key so if you find that you're having trouble remembering which finger to use for which key because remember using the right finger for the right key provides you proper technique and good technique means you'll be able to type more effortlessly and much faster but if you're having trouble remembering which finger to use you can turn on the finger pointing directions and you'll have your here voice actually tell you which finger to use and you can turn that on or off any time all right so let's go ahead and click close which will close this menu and bring us back to the main map and so you'll see next to each of the tasks you'll see a star in a number so it'll show you if you've achieved that task and number in this case 27 out of 27 so I've earned 27 of the 22 seven stars that I could possibly achieve this is all the stars so I've maximized this training with the challenge I got three out of three stars and so on if I jump over to this challenge here I only have 1 out of 3 stars so I could have done better there and remember the stars where the challenges are limited by the number of stars I had in training so if I want to maximize the stars I get in a challenge I have to do two things number one is I have to maximize the stars of training and number two I have to do really well the challenge also so so let's take a look at one quick challenge here so challenge usually pitch you in some type of battle or combat or race or something exciting that you have to do as a knight of the realm as part of your quest to achieve in this game and so in this case this is the fireball challenge and so there's Razak and this is you the knight of the realm and this is your caravan that you're traveling with that is you know helping you with supplies and so on on your quest and the dragon Morag is going to rain fireballs upon you and so what you have to do is use your keyboarding skills to stop Morag now notice before I start if Innings paused until I'm ready to begin again we have a Help button that will give us information on what's happening on screen and what I should do if I want to give up on the task I can click the retreat button and I can always try again I can always repeat any tasks as often as I like in order to improve my score and a lot on the bottom I can see that I can earn up to 3 stars and remember if my drills were not all three stars and let's say one drill was 2 stars and the maximum I'd see here would be 2 stars I'd actually see a little red X crossed out one of the stars to kind of remind me that the reason I can't achieve three stars is because I wasn't as prepared in my drills but 3 stars is the most that I could receive and if I do really well here I'll receive the 3 star let's just get started on this challenge so see the fireball is falling as soon as it hits the area between the wizard and myself I want to click that letter I don't want to click it too soon or too late I click it too late the fireball will hit my Caravan and that's not good if I click it too soon I will not be able to destroy the fireball it's something that's what let a couple go through and see what happens so you'll notice as the fireballs go through I'm starting to lose stars and if I let too many go through I'm and I'm defeated and I can read more about the story as I as I go along so let's return to the map and again I can repeat that challenge as I repeat any of the other challenges once I reveal all five sections of the map eventually I will end I get to the end of my quest and I'll have a choice the choice of either attacking the dragon and trying to put him down once and for all and win the game or I'll have the option of doing some bonus bonus tasks bonus challenges and the the challenges are actually a prequel to our story and give us some background on how we became a knight and if I do those additional bonus challenges I'll learn some additional keys on the keyboard like this like the special characters and so on so they're optional but certainly very helpful and you might find it very interesting to learn more about your backstory and your prequel of how you became this knight of the realm on this quest so we'll stop there that is that is go venture typing we hope you'll find it fun and interesting and that it will improve your typing skills because that's one of the most productive things you can do that will save you a lot of time at work and at home and in your life so thanks for playing go