GoVenture World Global Business Game MMORPG — Gameplay Video — Massively Multiplayer Online RPG

go venture world is the most authentic business game ever by authentic we mean real you'll think like a real entrepreneur make decisions like a real CEO interact with other players like real business people do and the economics and markets behave just as they do in the real world go venture world is a global business game where you run a virtual business while competing and collaborating with others around the world you choose your career path apply your real-world expertise in your own virtual businesses or learn brand new skills everyone can play go venture world you do not need to be a gamer you do not have to spend lots of time playing but we think you might want to go venture world is a live role-playing experience that becomes integrated into your daily life almost in an augmented reality way play anywhere and anytime using a computer tablet or smartphone go venture world is a persistent virtual business world even when you're not logged in the world and your business continued to operate time moves much faster than in the real world so you can experience more business faster the world is based upon a realistic map with countries and economics that closely match the real world you determine your business location based on market demographics income taxes and duties you can even Lobby government to make changes you begin by starting and running a manufacturing or retail business

as a manufacturer you issue production orders and watch and wait for your products to be made depending on the quantity and type of product it may take a few minutes hours or days for your products to be ready once they're ready you must try and sell them post them on the open market to be auctioned or make direct contact with another player running a retail business negotiate the deal and ship your products then issue an invoice to get paid with a retail business you choose your signage and salespeople and purchase products for your inventory watch virtual consumers as they browse and buy the decisions you make in go venture world are all high level so you can focus on your business strategy over days weeks months and years of gameplay go venture world is deeply social as you run your business you can access services from other types of businesses managed by other players ad agencies conduct marketing for your company including email campaigns and banner and video advertising law firms trademark your business name mediate disputes between you and other businesses file and defend lawsuits and act as financial escrow agents and bankruptcy trustees investment banks help you raise money by issuing loans floating bonds or underwriting your stock issue yes you can even experience an IPO in go venture world

when you earn enough money and business experience points you can start and operate several types of businesses you can also use your money to build a personal investment portfolio by buying stocks and bonds issued by other businesses on the primary and secondary markets as you reach specific achievements you will level up and be rewarded with a variety of badges that you can earn to help grow your business knowledge you have the option of playing fun challenges or taking mini courses your success in NGO venture world is measured by profit equity business experience points and reputation much like it is in the real world go venture world is so authentic that you may just want to add your accomplishments on your real-world resume with NGO venture world Gaming is no longer a guilty pleasure because while the world is virtual the experience is real