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Veterinary Clinic — Business Simulation

Many small businesses fail for one reason — the founder may have the skills to deliver a product or service, but insufficient business experience to sustain and grow a business.

GoVenture Solves This Problem

GoVenture Entrepreneur is the most realistic small business startup and operations simulation in the world for learning about business.


Similar to how a pilot learns to fly an airplane in a flight simulation, GoVenture provides the opportunity to gain valuable business knowledge and skills by operating a virtual business.

The simulation includes a variety of business types that students can operate — restaurants, retail stores, fitness gym, automotive repair shop, and more.

A Veterinary Clinic is also one of the business types available — see screenshots and video below. 

Vet Business Type.jpg
Sell Services

  • Examination, Flea Treatment, Grooming, Microchipping, X-Ray, and Surgery.

  • To sell a service, you must have the proper equipment and employees trained in the skill.

  • Monitor costs and set prices to manage profitability.

Vet Services 2022-02-17_13-14-50.jpg
Sell Products

  • Wet Pet Food, Dry Pet Food, Grooming Tools, Flea Medication, Treats, Toys, and Medication.

  • To sell a product, you must have it in stock.

  • Monitor costs and set prices to manage profitability.

Vet Products 2022-02-17_13-15-37.jpg
Manage Equipment

  • Purchase equipment to offer new services.

  • Strike a balance between new, used, price, maintenance, and capacity.

Vet Equipment 2022-02-17_13-17-21.jpg
Hire and Manage Employees

  • Interview applicants, review skills, and make job offers.

  • Train employees to improve skills.

  • Manage employee morale, payroll, and more.

Vet Employees 2022-02-17_13-15-57.jpg
Demo Video for Instructors

Watch the video below for a demonstration of all the features and resources available to students and instructors.

We can help you choose the best GoVenture program for your needs —  contact us

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