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Prices for College, Business, Nonprofit

Eligibility & Currency


Prices on this page are for colleges, universities, career and vocational schools, government agencies, nonprofits, and businesses.

College students click here
K-12 Schools click here 


USA — Prices are in US dollars 

CANADA — Prices are in Canadian Dollars 

Other Countries — Prices are in US dollars 

How To Buy

There are three ways to purchase GoVenture and you may choose any of these methods:

  1. Direct students to purchase from our student website at

  2. Direct your school bookstore to resell GoVenture to students. Most bookstores will mark up the price. Share the GoVenture product name and this link with your bookstore — Bookstore Directions

  3. Your school, nonprofit, or company can purchase GoVenture and give accounts to students. Use one of the following options:

  • Buy Online Subscriptions with Credit Card using our automated website at (Canadian customers should not use this option.)

  • For orders $200 or more, you may issue a Purchase Order and submit it using our Online Order Form — click the button belowThese orders are manually processed in 2 business days with payment due in 30 days. Payment can be made by check, credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer.

USA & All Regions of the World Except Canada



Prices are listed below and you may use our ONLINE Order Form to generate a price quote.

W9 and W-8BEN-E

View documents

Online Subscription

Use GoVenture at school, work, and at home for a designated period of time. Internet is required to play. Plays in a browser on Tablets, Chromebooks, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux Computers.

Free upgrades and support.


Prices below are for each student account for a 6-month subscription. Student accounts cannot be reassigned.


Website for monitoring students and assessment. Free for colleges and nonprofits.  Businesses pay $995 for a 6-month subscription (for each unique GoVenture product to be used in training). 



Entrepreneur Basic


Entrepreneur Advanced


Digital Marketing


Project Management 


Life & Money 




Job Interview 







Free to Play — Optional GROUP assessment feature costs $19 for each Student Account

Special Licencing Options

If you need programs that do not require student accounts or Internet access to play, contact us for options.

Online Subscription
Perpetual License

Print-based Products

Board Game Bundle 4 — $299

Food Truck Entrepreneur Board Game

Entrepreneur Board Game

Entrepreneur Card Game

Personal Finance Card Game

1 of each of the games above (4 games total) plus a 4-month Instructor Subscription to our online resources including the Entrepreneur Advanced business simulation,  Business Superhero Book, Personal Financial Literacy Book, 50 Activities & Lessons, Accounting Worksheets, and more!  Free shipping in the US and Canada.

Board Game Bundle 12 — $799

Same as the Board Game Bundle 4 above but with 3 of each game (12 games total).

Add More Games


You may add any number of games to the bundles above.  Contact us for details.



No taxes charged by MediaSpark


ON 13% HST


All other regions 5%

Other Countries

No taxes charged by MediaSpark



$0 No materials are shipped with Online Subscriptions

Board Game, Card Game, or Printed Book

Some bundles include free shipping, otherwise prices are below.

$19 for 7-10 business days to the US or Canada

$49 for 3-5 business days to the US or Canada

$99 + $30 per game for 15 business days to all other countries

Included with Your Purchase

Free Customer Support

Your success with our products is important to us. We are committed to providing our customers with unparalleled customer support through email and telephone. MediaSpark does not use a call center for customer support. Your questions are handled by the actual team that develops our products. Most requests are handled within a few minutes or hours, or by the next business day at the latest. We respond to all requests.

Free Upgrades

Free upgrades are included with all SUBSCRIPTIONS.  With PERPETUAL licenses, upgrades are provided free for at least one year.

Free Resources

GoVenture offers you an unmatched collection of educational resources, including these free resources:

Software License Descriptions

Following are descriptions of the various types of Software licenses that may be available for this product in your market.

Individual/Home License

This type of license is for one individual's personal use only. It allows for one registered owner to use the Software on a single computer at one time.


Learner-Managed” Online User Subscriptions — Applies to the following licenses: Home/Individual, Education Postsecondary, Nonprofit, Government, and Business licenses. This license allows for one person to be assigned access to the Software for a given period of time — the duration of the Subscription. The Software is accessed via the Internet. Using a computer with Internet access, a subscriber can use the Software at any time and as often as desired, as designated by the license, until the Subscription expiration date. A Subscription cannot be shared or reassigned — each person using the Software must have his/her own Subscription, which includes a unique username and password.  A Learner-Managed Subscription is created using a Key, which is a unique 32-digit code. An unused Key will retain its full Subscription duration without expiring, allowing it to be held until it is ready to be used.  A Key automatically expires immediately after it is used to create a Subscription account and this marks the start of the Subscription term.


MediaSpark/GoVenture makes best efforts to assure any-time availability of the products and services offered under an Online User Subscription; however, due to the nature of Internet technologies, 100% uptime cannot be guaranteed.

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