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Teaching Organizational Behavior with GoVenture Business Simulations

GoVenture Organizational Behavior simulations are perfect for allowing students to directly experience the various aspects of organizational behavior.

There are four GoVenture simulations that address specific aspects of organizational behaviour:

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GoVenture World
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Start with a lemonade stand, level up to a kiosk, food truck, and full business then build a regional franchise from the ground up. Enhanced with microlearning videos and quizzes. Ideal for players of all ages and levels.



Management-level strategy simulation ideal for marketing, finance, accounting, MBA, and corporate training. Individual, team, and head-to-head competition options.


Build a global business empire by collaborating and competing with other virtual entrepreneurs around the world.


An experiential learning activity that builds leadership, strategy, and collaboration skills. Customized to match any activity, company, or business function. Play individually or in teams.

Collective Decision Making and Coordination

  • GoVenture CEO can be played in teams where students must collaborate and come to consensus on their business strategy and decisions.

  • GoVenture WORLD allows students managing separate businesses to set up supply chains and collaborate for mutual success.

  • GoVenture LEADER is a team-based experiential learning activity that builds leadership, strategy, and collaboration skills.  


Employee Motivation

  • GoVenture CEO provides a high-level strategy experience where students compete against each other in the same marketplace to win the same customers. Students do not manage individual employees but instead manage employee numbers (5 job functions), salaries, benefits, productivity, morale, training, hiring and severance costs. Metrics include Morale, Productivity, Turnover Rate, Turnover Cost, and overall HR Score.

  • GoVenture ENTREPRENEUR provides a highly-detailed experience of starting and running a small business where students review job applicants to identify desired skills, including productivity, customer service, and other job-specific experience. Students set employee salaries and benefits, schedule daily work hours, and monitor employee performance, attendance, morale, and other metrics. Players can invest in training employees to improve performance over time.​



  • GoVenture WORLD allows students managing separate businesses to negotiate supply chains, shipping schedules, payment terms, loan agreements, and more.

  • GoVenture CEO includes an optional MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS feature where students can choose to merge their business financial results together. They then have to work together to devise a cohesive strategy for their independent lines of business.


Supplemental Activities

  • If a GoVenture program does not directly offer a specific learning outcome, a supplemental activity can be created where the GoVenture business simulation serves as a context for the activity.  For example, a negotiation activity can be created that students can do outside of the simulation but which depends on their specific business data.

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