Personal Financial Literacy BUNDLE

A bundle of resources to help you teach the basics of personal financial literacy to youth and adults. Includes 2 to 20 hours of learning and activity time.

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For a more comprehensive simulation-based experience try GoVenture Life & Money)

Comprehensive Learning Resources Included

GoVenture can be used to enhance your current course or training or to build an entirely new course — everything instructors and students need is included to meet or exceed learning standards.

Instructor Guide

An instructor guide and curriculum plan on how to use the resources included in the Personal Financial Literacy BUNDLE.

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Helps students learn the fundamental concepts of personal financial literacy. The 80-page book is easy to read with large text in Adobe PDF format. 

Your Story Simulation

Your Story Simulation

An engaging text-only story-based simulation. The ideal first activity to introduce students to basic financial literacy concepts. 1 - 2 hours to complete.



An interactive workbook that introduces students to the basics of life and money. Content is presented in an easy-to-read summary format, supported with brief practice exercises at the end of each section. 2 to 5 hours to complete.

Printable Activities

20 printable exercises in Adobe PDF format that support the content in the eBook and eWorkbook. 20 to 45 minutes each to complete.

Test Bank

A collection of multiple-choice questions aligned with the main sections of the eBook. The quiz is available in a document where you can copy and paste questions to build your own printable test.

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The Personal Financial Literacy BUNDLE is only available as a Perpetual License for K-12  Schools.

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STUDENT PRIVACY is fully maintained.

This BUNDLE is a small subset of resources from the GoVenture LIFE & MONEY program that includes a comprehensive and highly-realistic simulation of life and money.

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