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Teaching Supply Chain Management with GoVenture Business Simulations

Supply Chain Management Simulation Game

Bring your supply chain management course or training alive with GoVenture World.

GoVenture World is a global business game where players run virtual businesses while competing and collaborating with others around the world. 


Much more than a supply chain simulation, GoVenture World is a live role-playing experience with a global economy and human-to-human negotiation and supply chain activities.


This is the most authentic business management and supply chain training experience ever created.



  • Manufacturing — product, location, capacity, production scheduling, efficiency upgrades

  • Sales — procurement, supplier selection, supply chain management

  • Distribution — inventory management, demand forecasting, customer allocation

  • Logistics — planning, scheduling, shipping, purchase orders, invoices, payments

  • Transportation — real-world map, shipping speed, costs, import duties

  • Global Decisions — planning in uncertain conditions, real-time monitoring and control

  • Finance — cash flow management, forecasting, financial reporting

  • Negotiation — product quantity, quality, price, discounts, delivery

  • Product — pricing, quality, features

  • Marketing — market research, advertising campaigns

  • Investing — stock markets, bond markets​​


  • Can be integrated into school courses and business training workshops delivered in person or online.

  • Requires a minimum of 10 hours of playtime over 3 to 5 weeks, but can be played over several months.

  • Participants can play a few minutes or longer each day or every few days — the game continues even when players are not logged in.


Supply Chain Management training has never been this real.

GoVenture CEO

GoVenture World is the most authentic business role-playing simulation in the world for gaining real-world business and employment skills. Students become virtual entrepreneurs collaborating and competing with others around the world. Play over weeks and months. 

Video for Educators

Gameplay Video

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Is GoVenture World too big or global for your needs?


Consider GoVenture CEO or GoVenture Entrepreneur

We can help you choose the best GoVenture program for your needs —  contact us

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