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Business Communication and Writing with GoVenture

GoVenture business simulations provide practical experience for students to practice business communications and writing.

Activities and outcomes include: 

  • Business writing

  • Report preparation

  • Direct communication

  • Identifying business data that is useful in business

  • Interpreting business data

  • How to best display business data

  • How to use business data for competitive advantage

​With all GoVenture business simulations, business and market data is presented in a variety of tables and charts, providing students with direct experience in reading, interpreting, and analyzing data and forming opinions on how it is presented.

GoVenture World


Build a global business empire by collaborating and competing with other virtual entrepreneurs around the world.

With the GoVenture WORLD global business simulation, students directly interact with other players around the world in a highly-authentic role-playing experience:

  • Business communication is more than simulated, it is real. Players interact directly to negotiate supply chain agreements, payment terms, loan agreements, stock and bond issues, and other business relationships.

  • Activities include reaching out to other players to make buy and sell offers, auto-generation of purchase orders and invoices, conducting and writing direct email campaigns, designing banner advertisements, making investment pitches, and more.

  • The activities above directly influence the behavior of human players around the world.

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